Shitty night. Need to vent

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    Fuckn' hate my boss, its cold as fuck here in NE Ohio. Went to work tonight to make money yet instead I came up $20 short somehow. My wife and I are tryn to move within the next few weeks so money's REAlly tight, especially with xmas coming up. Nights like this can go fuck themselves!!!

    Edit. I Wait tables
    Do you make minimum wage, or do you go by a low base-pay +
    a percentage of the tips?
  3. Server minimum which is $3.98 plus 97% tips.
    so... you're mad because the host or your boss is taking
    more from you than he/she should be?
  5. I hate my boss in general. But the money I lost was my fault. I'm prettysure I left it sitting where I was counting it at the end of the night. A coworker had to of picked it up though
  6. Seriously? $4/hour?? That's nuts
  7. its easy to make $100 within a few hours though, just not Monday nights lol
  8. Ah fair enough, tips can be craze sometimes.
  9. Nice, I bet you will have a good day that will make up for the 20. Hope you have a good xmas :)
  10. Thanx Chris Stevenson
  11. Hopefully you have some bud to cheer you up dude

    Open your mind
  12. My heart always goes out to servers. How is it fair that employers get away with paying less than minimum wage? I don't give a flying fuck if they make a lot in tips, you still owe them the State or provinces legal minimum living wage. You're the employer, you pay the mother fucking salary.

    And to make it worse, I saw a sad tipping statistic for Canada. In Canada, Ottawa has the highest tipping percentage, and people only tip 68 percent of the time, with the average tip being 14 percent. Yes, you saw it, the highest tipping rate in Canada as a server is Ottawa and you're still only getting tips 68 percent of the time.

    Some people are too fucking dense to understand, if you can't afford the tip, you can't afford the food. I've never served or worked in a restaurant before and even I can understand and sympathize with them. 
  13. Tipping has always been up to the individual here.
    Its not a great deal if you dont leave a tip.

    Well you prolly be called a miserable cunt but thats about it lol

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    i'm all about tipping, but there are right ways to do it. Like when they decide to take it upon themselves to include their tip in my bill, I get pretty angry. Why not just say the food costs an extra 15-20% more rather than include it as a second bill? 
    Tips used to be given for quality of service. You don't tip for the quality of the food; you're already paying for it. If i get shitty service, they shouldn't be entitled to 15-20% of my bill. But these days, the 15-20% is automatically added to the bill.
    That's the shittiest kind of private tax if you ask me.
    . Yeah a lot of the time when we're not busy we're cleaning and what not. And If u don't want to tip, then order it to go. I'm waiting on you and all I ask is a few bucks in return, go home and get your own beverages,napkins,extras, clean up when your done. Especially if u have kids lol. If I don't deserve a tip then I won't gripe about, and there are times when if I make mistake I'll pay for it outta my pocket. Fortunately I do have some bud to help me relax. Thanx all!!

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