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Shitty looking kush?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by junkheadrev, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. So I just bought a dime of mids and 2 gs of kush from my main guy who I trust usualy to have good shit. But the kush looks kinda darker than usual but has a crystaly look,but dosnt look worth 20 a g maybe just over dried,but its more like an eigth of kush.But ive smoked some crappy looking kush and it got me blowed so I hope thats what this is and that I didnt just waste 40 bucks. The mids look ok though
    This ever happen to you?
    Well about to smoke a 50/50 kush/middie joint ill let yall know the results
  2. Yeah I'd wait till after smoking to completely judge the weed looks can be deceiving.
  3. definitely cant judge a book by its cover bruh.

    looking forward for your result.
  4. Dude same thing just happened to me. I picked up a quad and it was half of some fluffy sticky green kush and half shotty looking compressed brown kush. Shit looked gross but it ducked my world up for sure
  5. Sorry I rorgot to update last night ,i went to taco bell and I geuss I forgot.
    But that was some good bud,not the best,but worth 20 a g for sure.
    Had a delucious mango flavor,
  6. Looks can be decieving OP, I've had shitty ass looking bud that sent me to Mars, but on the other hand I've had AMAZING looking bud that didn't do much more than give me a small buzz off of 3 big bong hits. Looks aren't everything, gotta smoke it first to be able to fully judge if it was worth it or not
  7. Yo OP. If you are trying to judge your kush don't do a 50/50 joint. Have a bowl first of that kush for your first high to fully judge it. Once you're high, then roll up a joint as you please. Just my 2cents though.
  8. Yeah. I never mix dank/mid. It just ruins the dank. Smoke a bowl of dank. then smoke a bowl of mid.

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