Shitty hash!!

Discussion in 'General' started by Sharkbite83, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. Had heard somewhere if you have hash & it's not too strong, you can boil it & sieve it to keep the good thc & drain the crap.
    Not too sure if it's true or if I even remember it correctly. Can anybody advise? Thanks.
  2. Hash is hash. Even if it's soapbar hash (lowest-quality) it should still get you significantly higher than plain bud. Don't boil it, you'll probably end up ruining it that way. Slice off a piece of your hash, and use it to top some bowls! :smoke:
  3. hmm...imo stay away from hash
  4. imo your opinion is wrong:cool:

    fucking smoke it anyway man you done bought it now
  5. Haha IMO it's wrong too!! Living in Ireland, grass is €400 an ounce, & i dont have a grow on at the moment, so gotta smoke hash!!

    I've smoked soap bar before, this is much much worse, tastes & smells like burning melting plastic!!
    Once as its not doing me any more harm than hash would, I'll just smoke it till I get more money to buy something good. I bought this lump in May 2011 & still have it, THAT'S how bad it is!!!

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