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  1. Just trying too see if I'm overly sensitive or if my friends really a prick

    Here's the shit that always happens when I try to chill with him. We've been tight for like 3 years, and if I'm the one to call him up to chill, he'll normally say he's busy, even if he's actually not. I don't know if it's to seem cool or something but I can over look that. Normally, he won't call me back for 2-3 hours sometimes so I'll hit him up again before to hits me up to ask if he even wants to chill. He'll normally be like yeah dude yeah man let me hit you up when I'm not busy. Then an hour later he'll be on facebook chat and won't even say a word to me or hit me up, and I've already hit him up twice so I don't fuckin feel like initiating conversation to see what he's doing ONCE AGAIN.

    Is this kid a dick or am I just sensitive?
  2. He's probably having a wank on FB or something, noone likes to be interrupted in that process. I dunno, I reckon you're overreacting. You could be becoming that annoying dude that always rings up asking to chill. Just lay off a bit, I guess.

  3. Haha really dude? There's been people to hit you up with only the intention of quality bro time and you think that's annoying? you just sound like a dick...
  4. Move on dude. You've known him for 3 years. People just tired of other people sometimes. Find some new friends to hang out with it doesn't sound like he respects you that much.
  5. Yeah bro, think about it. If he wants to hang out with you, he'll hit you up. If he doesn't want to hang out with you, he wont reply when you call him. It's simple. And yes, I've been in both situations - I've had people text me up heaps, becoming fucking annoying, despite the fact that they just want to chill. And I've hit people up way too much, and then realized what I was doing, and stopped.

    But thanks for callin me a dick for trying to help, bro.
  6. sometimes i get annoyed if my friends do things like that......but then i remember that sometimes i ignore my calls too when i just feel like being alone and chilling on GC or something :) it doesn't mean that we aren't great friends, it just means that sometimes people just wanna be's nothing personal.
    if it's really bugging you and he's a close enough friend, then i would bring it up to him...but i wouldn't be confrontational or anything, he might not even realize he's doing it.
    if he's a complete dick about it then maybe you need to reevaluate your friendship :smoke:
    good luck man
  7. Sounds like you are in love with this dude or something. Think of it like this, if he were a girl and gave you all these signs wouldn't you realize he does not want to kick it?

    Well maybe in your case, no :rolleyes:
  8. Idk man My friend is like that too. Weve been friends for a few years, we dont chill much though. We chill once in a while but usually, its like it has to be whenever HE wants. Like Ill say lets burn, and he will come when HE wants to. Not when I tell him he can come. Or he will only hit me up if he needs something from me or some bullshit. Other than that hes a good friend and realiable with anything I can still trust him were tight so Its all gravy baby.

    Great friends can still be great friends and not talk to each other for a month. Maybe he has some shit going. Dont sweat it. But It is annoying when your the only one initiating convo or hangin out or w.e... Sounds kinda homo lmao.
  9. sounds like youre being a DICK to this kid he obviously doesnt wanna hang out with a DICK.
  10. I have a mate that, he always organises things and then when i text him asking if were still on he NEVER texts back. And then he will text at the last minute saying hes busy ¬¬
  11. couldn't imagine why this dude doesn't wanna hang w/ you.. :rolleyes:

    i think you need to find a new boy crush.. this one ain't working out.

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