Shitty first shroom trip by myself.

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  1. It started with meeting up with 3 of my buds and eating them at his house about 4 blocks from my crib. So we ate them and i got a nasty stomach ache, it was gross and i felt like throwing up really bad but couldnt so i said fuck it and went home via bike. It started kicking in right before i left. I probably noticed it when i looked in the mirror in his bathroom and got the morphing face affect haha. So im pedaling home about 11 or so at night. The ride home wasnt so bad. Every pedal i made the stars would fall upon me which was pretty tight i guess. It got realy bad when i got home. I went to the kitchen got some water then sat outside for maybe 10 minutes then went to my room. I kept trying to think of something cool to do because i felt them coming on but couldnt think of anything. Then i started thinking "man i hope i dont wake my parents up" then i started freaking out if they were to come in my they would so be able to tell i was messed up on something. So i tried to ignore it and flip on the tube. Fresh prince of bel air was on but i couldnt understand a god damn thing they were saying... Thats when i started to freak. I looked at my clock and could see the numbers but i couldnt remember what the numbers stand for. So i got out my calander and started marking days that i know have already passed trying to figure out what day/time it was. Pretty much just ended up laying in bed trying to figure shit out while freaking out. To make it worse i had a poster of biggie smalls stairing directy at me which was making me uncomfortable. Its hard to describe the mind set i was in but i kept thinking thank god i am not around people right now. I would look/ sound like a total nut.

    So now i dont know if i really want to do them again or around people. I would like to see the positive side of shrooms yadda mean?

    props to anyone who reads that whole thing.
  2. San Pedro ftw

    also shrooms are cool you just have to have the right setting man
  3. First trips on shit sometimes turn out bad

    for me weed made me trip bad the first few times
  4. i finally got the chance to do shrooms at 2:30 this morning.
    my friend came in and woke me up sayin "*my name here* wake up man i got some shrooms."

    i was thinking, "fuck yeah i finally get to do them"

    made shroom tea, watched some superjail smoked two jays and didnt trip at all....
    needless to say im highly upset.
  5. I love shrooms but obviously i suggest to do them with friends next time. My friends and i usually end up going exploring in some forest and its a blast!
  6. i watched an episode of superjail on like 5 grams, shit was fuckin insane.

    edit: oh and to the OP, my friend has post traumatic stress syndrome, and when he does shrooms, he fuckin freaks. he always gets a stomach ache, leaves the crowd and always ends up by himself in his room freaking out when he's trippin. if you have any anxiety issues i suggest you dont use them.
  7. dude no matter how bad u trip its usually better to be around people incase u do something stupid. As long as they are good, trsutworthy friends and not duechebags then its cool. My friends fucked with me and played a game where they drew a bubble around me and muted the tv anf made mouth movements like they were talking.. FREAKED ME THE FUCK OUT. I started yelling that the bubble didnt have air in it and they had to catch me running down the dorm hallway.. haha then i just got sick the rest of the night.. its really hit or miss with this shit..
  8. and yeah, its quite easy to bug the fuck out. they're more of a mind fuck then lsd, imo.

  9. Something like this?


    This is across from my bed and only when I get too high I regret putting it up there :eek:

    Best of luck and good vibes for the next time, man. Sorry it turned out that way for you.
  10. If your still new to the mushroom game its good to trip with friends. Everyone starts to talk and laugh, and just enjoy eachother company, adventures are so much fun on shrooms. Plus if you start to bug you got friends their to help you overcome it.
  11. My 2nd trip was much better than my first. But to be honest, man, you did just about everything wrong. :laughing:
  12. Yeah, next time do it with some close, trust worthy friends. Doing something alone (sometimes) makes you more paranoid because you're left alone with your thoughts you know? Being around friends can and may be funner. Something to do, something to talk about, etc. :)

    My first few times with bid (hit them out of a bong hella hard) and I was blown beyond that chill point. To the point of extreme paranoia... but I still gave it another try (ok... a few more tries).

    Maybe you just got a the "bad" ones, try them again... that's what I would do.
  13. I hear you man, both of my shroom trips sucked a little. But only because of the people I was around. Set and setting.

    I hate whe trips turn south, the anxiety is almost unbearable. And I never even did enough to hallucinate on both trips. Most Ive taken was 1.7 gs. But I plan on taking a whole eighth once I grow my own shrooms.

    But Mescaline's coming first. I need to have a spiritual journey of life, the Universe and self discovery through mystical visions. I cant wait til I try it!
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    As far as setting goes you fucked up by leaving to go home and be alone, and you were probably fighting the trip. Let shit flow, if you try to have dominance over the trip, the shrooms are gonna kick your ass. Maybe you learned something, psychedelics arn't for getting fucked up, if you use psychedelics to get fucked up, they are are gonna turn on you and fuck you up alright. :wave: What flows in, flows out. Psychedelics are most valuable for learning about yourself and what's around, maybe some people prefer to be ignorant, but those people are more likely to have bad trips IMO because they are fighting what the shrooms are trying to show them.. and shrooms only have so much patience so they kick your ass, haha. lol.

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