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Shitty dealer

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Jake1086, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. Ive got multiple people to buy from but only one that lives close who i can buy from like anytime. The problem is that he rips me off like everytime i buy, and i know its gonna happen but sometimes hes the only way i can get any and i just go through him anyways. Any advice for what to do? And telling me "dont buy from him" wont really help because like i said sometimes hes the only way i can buy
  2. call him out
  3. Well, dude, what do you expect us to tell you? There's no secret "make him be legit" cheat code to enter into life, so if you're not down to cut off buying from him, then your only OBVIOUS answer is to bring it up to him, right Jake?
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  4. If he's a dealer I'm pretty sure he should have a scale. Just tell him to weight it out in front of you
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    So everyday I go to the same pizza place, and every time the food is nasty as fuck and I don't believe I get what I pay for, yet I continue to go there despite knowing I'm probably not gonna be satisfied when I leave. There are other pizza places near me, but I still go to the gross one every single time. What do I do to make their pizza and prices better? NO DON'T TELL ME NO TO EAT THERE

    What do you want us to tell you, honestly? Obvious answer would be to call him out on it (or at least ask), but based on the fact that he rips you off every time I doubt you have the balls to do that otherwise you already would have (no trying to be a dick, just being realistic).

    Maybe just buy larger quantities from your other dealers who don't rip you off so you don't have to pick up as frequently and can avoid this guy altogether?

    Also, based on how frequently you pick up, it sounds like you're one of those guys who buys like a dimebag twice a day. This could be part of the reason he skimps, cause you're constantly calling him like negligible amounts of herb. I know I'm assuming a lot, but still. I can only speak for myself, but it's almost never the case that I find myself late at night or some other irregular time (where my dealers aren't available) without herb cause I pick up decent amounts, and pick up again when I know I'll run out in the next few days.

    Could also be that his prices are just higher compared to your other dealers for whatever reason. So according to his pricing scheme, he's giving you exactly what you pay for but in your mind he's shorting you. Again, if you actually talked to him you'd know if this was the case or not.
  6. Fuck dude idk what exactly i was expecting im ripped. figured someone might have somethin better than just criticism though, you dont know shit about me dude, dont act like it. I get that its kind of a dumb question, but if u dont have snything constructive to say whats the point?
  7. Buy your own scale and whenever you go and buy weed just whip out your scale and tell him to weigh it in front of you.
  8. Sorry for not being able to help? It's not a hard problem to solve. Either don't buy from him or confront him about it. Seems simple to me.
  9. Wasnt talkin to you dude^ and idc that u couldnt help at least u werent a dick about it

  10. you sound pretty naive, seriously. if he constently rips you off either deleate his number, and never pick up from the faggot again,confront him about him ripping you off. Or just bring your scale next time you buy a sac. how much does he scum you if you dont mind me asking?
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    [quote name='"Jake1086"']Fuck dude idk what exactly i was expecting im ripped. figured someone might have somethin better than just criticism though, you dont know shit about me dude, dont act like it. I get that its kind of a dumb question, but if u dont have snything constructive to say whats the point?[/quote]

    Why don't you just call him out on him ripping you off?
  12. ask for it to be weighed in front of you or you wont buy, but be nice about it. no reason to be a chode

  13. Everytime i tell him its short he just gives some bullshit about how itll break up into a lot more. And idk it depends, sometimes i get what i pay for sometimes its obvious that he pinched quite a bit, i do need a scale but idk where to get one i live way out in the country, another reason i keep buyin from the dude. Hes the only one around i can buy from, next closest guy lives in a different town almost a half hour away and i cant drive
  14. Order a scale online 6$
  15. Jake my advice would be to call him out on it but only if you feel you can do so safely. If he constantly shorts you he really doesn't care much about ya.

    p.s. this community is a little reactionary when it comes to threads like these, I wouldn't worry.
  16. Thanks guys , and i will^ I point out that the bags short but he just gives an excuse as to why its not. Im just gonna tell him that i can go to other people if im not gonna get what i pay for from him
  17. I was just curious as to how do you know it's short? If you don't actually weigh it how do you actually know its short? I once bought 7g's and it was only one nug and I was like wtf to my dealer and he said it was seven and I weighed it and it was actually a little over. That's why I'm glad I have that sort of relationship with my dealer that he just hooks me up just cause I've been with him so long. I'll ask for like 3.5 and he'll just do 4 anyway. But if you get a scale actually and actually weigh it and you're short just don't go back to him, and tell other people that buy from him too. From my experience when I've been shorted in the past I just don't go back to that person anymore, unless they actually will acknowledge the fact that it's short and make it up. I'm just glad I've never had that problem. Good luck.
  18. Well sometimes its very obvious, like grams short
  19. Well that's pretty serious cash amounts then. I'd be pissed, dont go back to him or confront him and maybe he'll hook you up for being shady.

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