shitty day

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by hobobob, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. hey its been a while since i was here but i decided to tell you todays story

    My friends and i were planning on meeting up and buying some chronic after they had football practice, it was supposed to be done at 5 but it went on till 6 30 i spent that time chillin at my other friends house. so after that we meat up and have to walk a half mile to our dealler friend's work then another half mile back to my friends house we get back like 10 minutes before i have to leave to have dinner with my family cuz its my brothers birthday so we roll a quick blunt and smoke it and as im walking home stoned and red eyed with my back pack still on theirs a really hot girl with her friendsitting on their car smoking a cig and as im coming closer to them they say hey and ask what school i go to i said marcos and they said us too and asked if i wanted to go blaze inside and god damb that was the most horrible moment ever cuz all i wanted to do was go inside smoke and try and get with atleast one of those girls and right as im saying hell yeah i remember my little brothers birthday and half way through saying it i have to stop and say sry i cant and keep walking:(. i guess ill see them tomorow but i doubt ill have an oppurtunity like that again unless i see her at a party sometime.
  2. that really sucks. but at least your were already high. BTW. nice sig. i love it +rep.
  3. haha! wow, your a better man than me. I would have went inside.. with the girls!
  4. Do your parents know you blaze?

    I get paranoid having dinner with them 3 hours after i smoke. I couldnt do ten minutes.

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