shitty day that ended on a high note

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  1. For the first time in roughly 4 weeks I was going to pick up and chill with my friends C and T. Me and T were at his house waiting for C to show up which, when she did she called around to find someone to buy from, she got ahold of our friend N who deals and was able to drop off, me and T were both just going to get dubbs but N told us that for $50 we could get 3 grams so we decided to go with that. 
    After he dropped off we went to C's house to get her pot and once we got there we decided to just smoke there.( she told us her father wouldn't be there for the weekend, and he's really conservative and anti-pot) T says that we should grind up all the pot and then separate it since we all picked in for some, as soon as he gets done grinding it and puts it all on a magazine C's father walks in and tells T to put all of the pot in a bag and throw it away, so he puts in a plastic bag and were getting ready to walk out and then C's dad ask him were he was going with the pot T said "I don't know, what should I do with it" and her dad takes it and tells us to get out.
    After me and T get back to his house he's laughing his ass off and im pretty pissed but after a little while I start laughing too. I have another $20 so we decide to try and pick up again but N doesn't want to drive back out but if we go to our friend D's house he'll be there, so we go over there, tell N what happened to the 3 grams we just bought, smoke a few bowls and have a good laugh about it.
    tl;dr: friends dad flushed 3 grams of pot but we got high later anyways. 

  2. the sad days of picking up itty-bitty sacks and having parents who are anti-weed.
  3. thats why you dont smoke in or around ur house...ever only get high only come home when ur sober never got o ur hoouse with weed

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