Shitty day so far, how about you?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by SHeekle, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. Today I woke up and called one of my friends. I planned chilling with him today but he says he's too busy stealing plants from his neighbors. I called him an asshole and now I"m looking for other people to chill with. I'm probably going to spend my saturday alone and bored like usual. How's you day going so far blades?
  2. not bad. baked morning, afternoon, and night yesterday, friend is spending the night tonight and ive got some good bud and hes bringing over some white widow...shuld be fun.
  3. Just woke up.. Evaluating life.
  4. ummm friend is being retarded and is taking for ever for him to answer the aims i send him ummm in 20 min. goin to buy about an eigth then going to westchest at 5 and spendin the night chillin with a friend.
  5. Lucky, I haven't smoked in a week.:(

  6. Meh, been 2 for me. I got a drug test wensday. Go for a run or a workout or something, you'll feel alot better.
  7. been pretty boring, bu the day just started. me and my friend are going to this hippy shop thing that's like 30 minutes away then were smoking for free with this kid
  8. todays been okay, met up with two mates and then went to meet these other people to smoke with. all of us are stoners so it was all good, but then this other guy was with them who was a dick. he's nice, but he was fucking annoying. everyone was still nice to him though because we didnt want him to feel bad, but everytime we had a spliff in a circle, during my turn, he'd say to me "let me have it for a sec" and stuff like that when i'd had like one hit. and when he "smoked" he didnt inhale.

    that really pissed me off, he kept commenting on "how relaxed" i looked and shit, and when i gormed out for a bit, he kept poking me and asking me whats wrong. didnt piss ne off as much as keep bugging me for the spliff when it was coming to him next! ugggh

    bit of arant, but i'm a little stoned still :smoking:

    so yeah i hope never to smoke with him again...he's such a buzzkill
  9. Dry on bud so life has been better

    If i were you i would call your friend that stole the plants tomorrow so you can smoke for free:bongin:
  10. Woke up to an empty residence hall [dorm], so I'm just drinkin' beer number 5 at 2:30pm...
  11. Shit woke up late, from the party yesterday. Washing now and cleaning, and thinking of how to get fucked up again today
  12. woke up at like noon so both my roomates are out doing shit. im so bored and need to shower. Probably going to just end up smoking all day like every other day haha
  13. uhh, shitty.

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