shitty day = great night

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  1. tl;dr:went on a burn run, got stuck pretty bad, got unstuck, smoked, went to a party, took a boat out for a spin, played bball, rode a bike, saw a kid get facefucked by a mailbox, smoked more weed

    so, yesterday i had the day off which was great and uncommon, because i work in a restaurant which is literally a weekend-job. but anyways, i wake up around 8 AM, with a quarter of sour d. i hit up my buddy Dyl, and Erik.
    we meet up, and because the weather is great, we go on back roads and smoke in the bed of his truck. the road begins to get really shitty but we have no fear, then out of no where, his truck sinks into some mud. the whole front tires were underneath. his truck was a little lifted, and when you opened the door, it was literally a couple centimeters off the ground.
    well, we were pretty clueless as to what to do, so we just drank some beers and smoked his 2 grams and 2 of my grams in the bed of his truck, enjoying the rays.
    we figured, eventually, we'd have to stop being lazy and get his truck un-stuck. so we call a mutual friend and he brings his tug-along, we get out like in around 10 minutes.
    after this, we went thru the car wash, paid for the max one, which lasted around 5 minutes. and of course, we clam baked the cab, we like to call it fish-bowling it :cool:
    8 o'clock pm comes around and we have beer, bud, but no ladies. we try to find a party, and the only party we can find is 2 hours away. the night is young, a road trip is needed.
    the party house is a crazy nice house. total rich kid. it's on a lake, and they have one of those classic brown speed boats. idk what they're called, not quite the boater, even though i know how to drive 'em pretty well.
    we get there, but have to park 1/2 km away due to lack of parking spots. we get the backpacks full of beer (high sierra :eek:) and bud and head towards the party. we get there, all is good. party is bumping, around 50~75 people there.. the only bad thing was that 10-15 of those kids were 17 or so.
    so, me and Dyl find a couple of interesting girls, while Erik is playing beirut. we take these ladies out on a ride on the lake. i walk up to the houseowner's son and ask where the keys are, and he just gives them to me and tells me to make sure i dock it correctly.
    so i load the boat up with bud, brews and butts (both kinds) and head out. the only bad thing is that it was getting colder, so it was not long-lived. it was a lot of fun though, good vibes all around just chatting and joking. but anyways, we bring the boat back about an hour later.. and i slipped some money in one of the compartments for gas.
    once we arrive back at the house, the party is still going good. but it quickly dies out at around 1 am for no reason at all, everyone just left. and because we didn't want to be stuck cleaning, we left too, but the night was still young, so we went to the local basketball court and played ball.
    we weren't the only ones there. there were some hooligans there, about 16-18 years old, skating around and bmx'ing. in my drunken stupor, i ride the kids bike and i eat complete shit trying to hit a rail on it. (the basketball court also has a little skate area to the side). i got a little bit of a cut but nothing major, nothing i could feel at the time, anyways.
    these kids turned out to be pretty cool, so i invited them to a smoke session where we would match bowls, using my sherly. problem was, we didn't have a location to smoke and we didn't have enough room in the truck. one of the skater's brings us up to his condominium complex, which has about 50 condos, and a mail area, which is outside but there's one condo that opens up to it.
    well, we were smoking, and it reaches the second bowl and it's my rip, when out of no where this dude opens up the door that leads to the mail area. i was startled, but the hooligans were way more startled than i was, because they started running! i just see two of them dip and the third one turn around and start running... then BAM, he runs into one of the mailboxes. he hits the ground and then scatters himself back together and runs with his homies. it seriously was the funniest thing i have ever seen.. just imagine, some 16 year old, high as fuck, running into a mailbox because he's scared shitless.
    turns out the dude who opened the door was my age or so, and as soon as he opened the door, i saw a bong so i figured he was chill. he just came outside to smoke a cigarette, and offered to toke with us, so we took him up on the offer. about half an hour later, we take the truck and head back home.

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