Shitty business practice

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ReelectNixon, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. So my friend tells me he'll sell me a little less than a quarter of dank for 85. So then he lets me know he only has 5.2 g and that he'll flip me the rest later. I trust this guy because I go to school with him and see him everyday. I drive out of my way to meet him at this guys house and he hands me a sack that looks skimpy. I dropped him back at the guys house and began to pull away. I looked at it and it looked short. I went into the guys house and was like where's dude so I go around back and find dude. I get belligerent and am like the fuck dude this is some buuuullshit. I grabbed him by the hoodie and got real tough because I'm a pretty big guy. He's like nah thats 5g's and I tell him to scale it out. It's 4.4 and then i ask for my money back and he says I took some out the bag. He says maybe some fell on the floor when he was scaling it out and picks off little nugs that were stepped on and threw them in my sack. I leave and the guy calls me and accuses me of taking his wallet. I tell him to fuck right off and then he texts me later and tells me the guys brother has it. Bad business... So now I ain't fuck with dude no more.:mad: I'll find away to let him know what I think tho
  2. Yeah, don't do that last part. Or we'll see you in the "Biggest regret in life" thread soon. You never specified if you actually got your money back or took the weed, but you didn't lose a lot of money. Never talk to that d bag again and, as they say in brooklyn, fuhgetaboutit.
  3. word he deserved you to get up in his face about it
  4. yeah make him suck your cock, good job bro
  5. you did well
  6. Looked through my sack that night and found a piece of mold the size off the tiniest nug with some shake on it, I'll post pics later. The bud is some low dank and it's not moldy he just picked this one piece off the floor and now I'm worried about smoking it cuz that shit was in my sack!

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