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Shitty Bitty Middies

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Burgh4Life, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. yea so this is tnights stash ...... sucks

    Attached Files:

  2. that does suck, do you smoke reg's because it's all you can find or because it's all you can afford?
  3. the fuck bro, that aint mids, thats crumbled leaves.

  4. i just smoked bomb headies last night lol so no its just i wanted to get some cheap shit today save some money, ill get heads late tnight or tomorrow
  5. Yeah looks like you got a gram of gravel, sticks and leaves lol
  6. haha it get you high tho which is what its about

  7. no it wont
  8. Shit I mean, your not, not gonna smoke it Right?
  9. ouch how much was that lol
  10. Moldy oregano with hairspray and salt
  11. ya theres some rocks in there lol poor guy
  12. looks like someone sold you K2 man, if it gets you high that is
  13. hurt you more then help you
  14. thats a little painful to look at.

    sorry bruh.
  15. why would you even buy that shit? Might as well smoke some catnip bro, better high. :smoke:
  16. That is not mids man. It looks like shake from schwag.
  17. nasty shit.. :?
  18. Why is this even a thread, i've never understand why people post pictures of shitty ass dirt weed. Like honestly, who the fuck wants to see that shit bro.

  19. Its gotten more replies then most........
  20. Yeah wtfff is that how much does that cost and how much bud is it? Looks like Maybe schwag shake and seeds?

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