Shitty 420 For Me:(

Discussion in 'General' started by Alex_09, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. Well basically what happened is I smoked my friend up about 20 grams worth over the course of a month and he promised to pay me back in bud.
    I told him I wanted it by today or Thursday(he doesnt know about 420) and he says he has no money, plus the small amount of money I have at the moment still cant buy anything because one of my dealers is in California and the other jail.
    And my dealer a few blocks away is dry.
    The only chance I have is to ask someone to lend me some but I dont really wanna too quickly.
    Anyways, hope you guys have good sessions tomorrow and get really high, smoke a "extra" bowl for me haha.
  2. good luck with that, i would be pissed at that guy
  3. That really sucks for you, but it's not your friends fault.
  4. Yea its not his fault really but he should have paid me back earlier and he promised he would pay me back before tomorrow so... I just relied too much on him I guess.
  5. Sorry, man that sucks.
    Try to find some friends to bum off of.

    I'll smoke an extra joint and bowl for ya man! :)
  6. who knows? maybe the dope gods will give you a break.

    Here's hoping for the best.
  7. Dont feel too bad cause I could not smoke even if I wanted to.

    I got called back for the IRR indvidual ready reserve screening on 5 may and I dunno if they drug test during those.

    I wish I knew so I could toke when I want to.
  8. look at the bright arent in jail

  9. aka not getting gang fucked and beaten everyday.

    I think we're all thankful for that.
  10. Hah, should've planned ahead of time. I got me nearly an ounce last weekend. Haven't smoked any of it yet, saving it all for tomorrow.

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