Shittiest city you've been to?

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  1. What's the shittiest city you've been to?

    By far the worst city I've been to is Trenton.

    I believe I was there on a Sunday afternoon around 11 am. There were zero cars in the streets. On one block was a black heritage festival I walked through with a friend. Some homeless(looking) black guys said there were "imposters" in the park" I guess they were talking about my friend and I because we were the only white ones there.

    Walking through the streets I saw maybe 3 other people not counting the black heritage festival.

    It was pretty dirty. A lot of unfinished road work.

    Now the mayor and his family are being raided by the FBI, I definitely think I was onto something when I was commenting on how shitty it was there later that day.

    Honorable mentions
    Baton Rouge (chickens in people's driveways in the city)
  2. Kansas city missouri. Its just an all around shithole, with the exception of the amusement park.
  3. America maybe Stockton?
  4. I really do not like New York City. At all. I was up there back in March for a few days and could not stand it. I hated the environment, the smell, the people. It was way too crowded, noisy, and rude for me.
  5. Milwaukee, went to a rave there when I was 16... jesus that place is so fucked.
  6. I've been a lot of places and Cleveland is a toilet..but at least it's not Detroit

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  8. Trona... dont even know why I was there

    Satans laundromat. Strange ass Chernobyl ghost town. [​IMG]
  9. Tanger in Africa.
  10. Boring, Oregon.

    Yeah, its a place.
  11. I'd say Cleveland is one of the shittiest cities i've been to, no offense to anyone that lives there :p
  12. Greenville mississippi was a very long time ago 20 years or more. cockroaches in that hotel room really scared me they looked at ya funny.
  13. Shiittt....I kinda grew up in a shitty city surrounded by other shitty cities. I'd probably say the place I felt the most scared in was little Haiti....I dont even remember how I ended up there, but I just remember walking down the street by my self and looking down this one alley and I couldnt see anything besides a flame and the end of a crack pipe. It was so dark I could barely see the outline of the person so I stared for a second and then i noticed it wasn't one person it was three and they were not liking the way I was staring at them.
  14. definitely kc mo

  15. Forgot that gem, I remember in late 80's early 90's road construction through there they would have 10 exits blocked off and nothing alerting you to this. You would have to u-turn back and forth 20 miles to get to anything it was ridiculous.
  16. Eureka Oregon every single person in that town (i guess it's not a city but what ever) is a tweaker you can walk down the road and see needles in every single ally some times even on the main road
  17. Alice Springs, smack in the middle of the country. It's stinking hot, drunk Aboriginals line the streets, and people are passed out on the footpath. You have to watch your step so you don't step in broken glass.

    This thread's about cities, though. I've been to much shittier Aboriginal towns. It's like stepping into the third world. Shit is so sad, and the most sickening thing is that they're held responsible for it (like our government hasn't and doesn't pursue an active policy of marginalisation and suppression of rights :rolleyes:) by most Australians. Think racism towards black people in America times fifteen.
  18. in all honesty i did not like San Francisco but that my opinion....
  19. Fayetteville, Arkansas

    Fucking gross.

    A close second would be Pigeon Forge, TN. Fucking gross as well. There were seriously people sitting on the side of the interstate in lawn chairs watching the cars go by

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