Shitloads of Fighting Between Georgia and Russia

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  1. Not the state:p

  2. after i wake n baked, i checked out CNN and saw that and immediately thought, wtf my state is being invaded?

    then i read a little further on and realized..

    sad though.
  3. what are they fighting about?
  4. If i remember right, it's a territory dispute from the split of the soviet union.

    I might be thinking of tension between ukraine and russia though.
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    From Wikipedia

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    This is short and to the point for those that may not want to read all that from wikipedia xD

    On the day the Olympic Games begin to promote unity and healthy competition between nations, Russia and the breakaway state of Georgia have made more brutal and disastrous headlines. It appears that Russia has invaded Georgia after a series of violent exchanges. Before Russia invaded Georgia, Georgia sent troops to the region of South Ossetia, a region that has been demanding independence from Georgia since the dissolution of the Soviet Union. After Georgia's attack on South Ossetia, Russia sent troops to strike back at Georgia, putting the two on the brink of war.

    Russia's invasion of Georgia is the latest climax of a conflict going back to the end of the Soviet Union. Georgia won it's independence as a result, but South Ossetia wanted it's independence from Georgia. South Ossetia has officially been labeled as a Georgia province, but they have sought to break away from the state.

    Russia and Georgia have long conflicted over not only South Ossetia, but over Georgia's desire to be part of NATO. Russia has long opposed these efforts, and has also given support to South Ossetia's separatist forces that are fighting Georgia.

    Recently, Georgia sent troops into South Ossetia to quell the latest round of rebellion. However, many of the separatist forces attacked have Russian passports or are backed by Moscow. At least 3 Russian peacekeepers and 15 civilians were reported to be killed in this attack.

    In response, Russia sent 150 tanks into South Ossetia itself and also bombed a military airbase outside the Georgia capital of Tbilisi. No one was reported to have been killed, but two Russian warplanes were shot down during the assault, according to Georgia President Mikhail Saakashvili.

    Since South Ossetia is still labeled as part of Georgia, this is officially labeled as a Russian invasion of Georgia. There is now fear that it may be Russia's intent to retake over Georgia itself, and not just to free South Ossetia. The former Soviet state of Kazakhstan may also eventually support Russia in any future conflicts to come with Georgia.

    Edit: BBC reports that according to Russian Foreign Minister, Georgia is "ethnically cleansing" villages in South Ossetia.
  7. so...whos side is america on?
  8. You divisive thinker you.
  9. Georgia's side..
    Russia just didn't want Georgia to join NATO..
  10. Haha I was hoping it was Georgia, US vs. Russia.
  11. of course were on georgias side, lol. those poor weak georgians need big brothers help!

    docta j: well someones got to be.
  12. Georgia is basically on our side. (But not really vise versa).

    Should the USA intervene? Peace with power?
    Or should we mind our own business, and let them fight it out, but risk innocent deaths?
  13. whos risking innocent deaths? in what way does america have something to do with the deaths in georgia?

    are you the kind of guy thatll be walking down the street, sees two guys duking it out and tries to break it up, or would you choose a side?
    in my opinion...keep on walking.

  14. Couldn't have said it better myself. We need more people who think like this.
  15. I personally am the kind of guy where the opportunity has not come up in actual experience.
  16. Let's hope Amerisrael has the sense to stay out of this one. I wouldn't count on it, though.
  17. Well let's put it in this analogy.
    2 People are fighting on the side of the street, but they also start hitting and kicking random bystanders, who can be women or children.
    What would you do then?
  18. ah, thats a different story, but war in itself, innocent people who have nothing to do with the matter directly will die. if innocent people in a neighboring country start getting killed then obviously they will get mad and intervene.

    analogically speaking, if i felt i had the power to help the bystanders, sure.

  19. so the two people are the US and Iraq and then we start killing like a million bystanders, right? i would tell those two people to get the fuck back

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