Shit your neighbours do that grind your gears.

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  1. I've always had trouble with neighbours. I've moved around a lot and almost everywhere there's always something that my neighbours do that just really make me mad as hell.
    Here's a neighbour story for ya'll.

    So me and a buddy of mine, we'll call him X, moved from Leeds after graduation to Portsmouth (UK). As soon as we got in after a stressful car ride, we got our shit off the truck, and piled it all into one room ready for unpacking. Naturally, the first thing we do is go to open up the box we labelled "Toking Armoury" and before I do there's a knock at our new door. I'm thinking "Man, we've been here 5 minutes and we're being welcomed." and I'm pretty cool about that, I like neighbourhood hospitality. :hello: I step into the hallway, and the door's already open and this dude's standing in our hallway just looking around. Obviously he's let himself in, that's kind of an irritating thing to do but I try to let it slide and greet the guy. Here's roughly how that went:
    "Hey! How's it going, we just moved in."
    "Uhh, well no, we were planning on settling in first."
    "Well i..."
    "I.... okay..."
    and he races past me into the box room where X is sitting around, trying to get open our Toking Armoury and now trying to work out who the hell this guy is and why he's scrambling around and frantically mumbling. Anyway so he tells X he's here to help us unpack and that I said it was fine and I let him in. :)confused:)
    First box he goes for is the toking armoury and he rips that fucker open like a kid at Christmas and then stares down like he'd just gotten a £1 gift card for Staples. He looks mortified, man, and then he starts to rage. Gets up ranting about how he won't have drugs and "squalor" in his neighbourhood, tips the box over and storms out.... so me and X smoked a bowl. :smoke:

    The only contact we had with that neighbour from then on was angry looks whilst he cut his hedge and some notes under our door about our solar lights making his cat stare out the window at night or something.

    What about you GC? :confused:
  2. That sucks to hear honestly. Can't say I have problems at all. I live in a culdesac and we all keep to ourselves. It's a quiet neighborhood.

    I always had problems when I lived in apartments. I don't think someone can get away with neighbor problems in an apartment complex.
  3. You have to wonder what secrets that neighbour has that he doesn't want people to find out something that could get him busted & sent away for a long stretch in the slammer, maybe?
  4. My neighbors are usually chill. I used to have shitty ones that did everything possible to make my parents life a living hell, but they ended up renting their house out to college kids. So now all I've had for the last 3 years is college guys/girls. And the only thing they do that bugs me is have parties til like 2AM and they're being loud and beligerent as fuck. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against a good party. But for fucks sake, you have your own house, go inside after like 11 30 and be loud in there. Don't sit outside screaming at 2AM keeping me up.

    I called the cops on em. I didn't give a fuck. They were all over 21 so I knew they weren't gonna get in trouble. It's just that I shouted over my fence like 3 times asking em to go inside and I got no response. But that cop sure shut em up good.

  5. He seemed like one of those stereotypical over-friendly, sickeningly nice, "active community" neighbourhood guys. The kind who host table-top sales in the road and come to your door to tell you about your local church or to get you to sign a petition for more streetlights or something.

  6. At one point I lived next to a couple who had a teenage girl around 16 or 17 and her parents used to go away for weekends for whatever reason and leave her on her own. Being a.. 16 year old girl.. She'd throw incredibly loud, late-night parties that'd result in people throwing up on my lawn, hitting my car with things etc. I got my revenge in the end though.
  7. There's this British dude who lives next to my place, He's always arguing with his wife loud as fuck at night, I got up one night and told him to shut the fuck up or ill kick in his door and stab him and he dropped his nuts and i haven't heard him since lol.

    But other than that my neighbours are sweet mostly just young couples with kids in my complex.
  8. My neighbors always call my dog over to their house when I let him out to take a piss.

    I have him well trained so that he will go out, piss, then come back to the door and wait for me to open it.

    They will see him sitting there and call him over. So I go to let him in and he is over playin with their kids.

    The first couple times I thought he was running over there so I would apologize to them for my dog being int heir yard. After a couple times they told me they felt bad that he was in trouble cause they actually called him over from the beginning.

    I wasnt mad or anything. I dont mind them playin with my dog. I just want to be there when they do. So I asked in the nicest way possible that they not call him over unless Im outside with him.

    They still call him over almost EVERY day. Most times the second they see my back door open the kids are outside callin my dog over...


  9. Ehh in new york we just keep to our selves in most neighborhoods we're assholes as it is so we never have problems with our neighbors unless theres a problem us being waayyy too loud or just doing something we shouldn't be doing
  10. Lmao at the first post, sounds like Kramer from Seinfeld , priceless.... yo I swear I'm going to makeup a sitcom and recreate some of the stories and situations I've read here on GC.
  11. The only thing my neighbors do that annoys me is they sit outside on their front porch 24/7 and theres always like 6 or 7 cars over there. I know its their house, their porch , their lawn and their own company but it just pisses me off that i cant do anything in my front yard without having five sets of eyes on me.
  12. Now the lawn at 7 am on a Saturday. It's always the day you get to sleep in.
  13. Had serious beef with my old neighbor cause he didnt like my music apparently..

    But the neighbor that moved into that apartment when he moved is pretty cool. We have a mutual music understanding :smoke:

  14. You fucked her, didn't you?
  15. Those fuckers always dump their dead palm branches on my fucking yard. Technically, I can't do shit about it because they're my palm trees which lean into his yard and fall there. So by law he's allowed to that because the tree is on my soil. Fuck that guy, I hate him.
  16. Sounds like your just an asshole hahaha
  17. I've got chill neighbors on all four sides but a couple houses up and down the street are "that house" in the neighborhood. One is just a couple that fights alot and the other really fights. Theres been a couple times where me and up to three other neighbors have been leaning out our bedroom windows at 3am listening to whatever the hell is going on up the street.

    I'll look out the window after some screaming and my buddy across the street will be leaning out his bedroom window half naked and confused while saying, "Dude did you fucking hear that? I'm stoned as hell and that scared the piss out of me." I can't really laugh at the guy because another neighbor and I are leaning out our windows too, looking up the street to see what the **** just woke us up/scared us.

    Only a couple of times was it bad enough for the cops to show up. The one was hilarious because it spilled out into the street like a gladiator style combat scene with lawn furniture as weapons. Me and the buddy across the street i mentioned were laughing our asses off.
  18. Eh, I live in a neighborhood of old people. I think my old lady neighbor knows im stoned normally. I went to mow her lawn and she was like how are and i was like ummm pretty good i guess (being high as a god damn kite) and she was like why do you hesitate. That made me all worried but then again like what are they going to do that will effect me. lol shes cool as fuck though and she gives me weed money when i mow her lawn

  19. It's not my fault the branch decided to fall there, why don't you blame nature? I shouldn't have to pick up after him.

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