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Shit, what do you guys think of this?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by the_tobzster, Feb 1, 2014.

  1. I can't imagine cannabis actually caused that, seems like a legit article tho hope no one else in the world see it XD
  2. Its the daily mail.
  3. "A female friend told police Miss Moss smoked as much as £60 worth of the drug a week, "
    "Pathologist Dr Kudair Hussein told the inquest in Bournemouth there were ‘moderate to heavy' levels of cannabis-related chemicals in her blood" 
    Its entirely possible but it seems a little sketchy too. Even still the quotes in the article say she smoked a lot, but a few parts contradicted that too. I bet its probably just getting blown out of proportion and is being used as an example.

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    Looks like a legit report of someone dying, with the usual misinformation thrown into the writing around a sad event...
    It's certainly not a closed case; the coroner couldn't find any clear reason for her heart failure, but that doesn't mean she died from 'cannabis poisoning'. Coroners' skill and expertise can vary widely as well...
    But since she'd smoked pot before going to bed, we can immediately leap to the conclusion that POT KILLED HER! This is a classic logical fallacy called False Cause. There are also shades of Ad Hominem and Strawman fallacies thrown into the article content. This makes it very hard to take the reporting seriously, though I have no doubt the poor woman is dead.
    The doctors I have spoken with, including my physician, who is a well known and widely respected holistic practicioner, view the phrase 'cannabis toxicity' as contradictory, misleading, and deliberately inflammatory.  
  5. Probably had a messed up heart and died that way.... they say it was weed because she smoked it prior, and it was in her system. weed isn't going to help you heart, but it's not going to cause premature death. That just means you had some problems anyway
  6. I smoke considerably more than that regularly, and I know people smoke more than I do so I mean.. There has to be more to it. That's an extremely lazy coroner. That isn't even alot of weed really
  7. Its not impossible that cannabis might've led to some deaths. It does speed your heart rate up, but even an infants body could withstand that. She must have had some bad heart problems to begin with.
  8. Complete bullshit. Unless she had some other illness that reacted with the weed somehow, there is no way this is real. You can probably die if you consume enough, but half a joint? No way.
    Cannabis speeds up my heart rate by alot after 1 hit.
  10. Me and my buddies tried to overdose on cannabis. The results were some In-n-Out and seeing The Hangover 3.
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    Yeah, but still, she wouldn't have a heart attack from half a joint unless there was something already wrong with her heart.
    Elevated heart rate combined with anxiety and paranoia caused by THC is a recipe for disaster health wise in my eyes.
  13. That's like saying I drank a whiskey coke and died of alcohol poisoning. 
  14. Well this makes the whole "weed has never killed anyone" argument irrelevant.
  15. Lol dude, this same "news source" also reported weed kills 30k a year. It is well known for making shit up.
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    You can tell the writer has no idea what he is talking about when it comes to marijuana lol, and did anyone scroll down to that joint being rolled? There's a fat ass stem in the middle, that dudes gonna get so blazed off that .02 haha
  17. I call bullshit. IMO i think she just happened to have a heart attack after a joint.

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