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Shit weed or me?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ThePuff, May 27, 2009.

  1. I smoked weed for the first time yesterday and it really wasnt what I thought it would be. I didn't believe it would be seeing colours and all that crap but I didnt feel much different and I had a baddd headache afterwards. I was just wondering if it may have been shit/moldy weed or weed just doesn't work as well on me as others?
  2. many first timers dont feel anything, so that may be a reason, you should learn how to inhale properly and i assure youll get high next, also if you keep getting head aches with that weed you should probably get a better one.
  3. Yeaa..You Never Feel any thing the first and sometime2nd time...But Ussually 2nd;;Then it's MAGICAL and you will see what it's all about maynee!
    Best Wishes:)
    Good Luck
  4. Could be both. Keep in mind that most people might not get high their first few times, i didnt, i just felt tired my first time and fell asleep.
    Again, i also did start with some crap bud. you want something light green, with some crystals, and a pungent aroma. iF you get bad weed then just go slow and take small hits, it will get you high for teh first time no matter the quality
  5. I didn't get high my first time either. Got ripped the second time though. I also got a bad headache when my buddy packed a bowl with like 5 seeds mixed in. I'm like, didn't you go through this shit? Wtf? Kind of killed the high. My head was pulsating haha.
  6. i say hit it, and since noobs dont take it to their lungs then breathe in air afterwards and hold it

  7. I didnt feel anything the first time either. By the third time you will defiantly feel it.
  8. My first time I got a little giggly, my second time I tripped out hard. I thought I was like underwater and my hair was like pulling me around and shit it was awesome.

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