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Shit weed and shit dealers.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SmokingRookie, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Alright so I buy a "gram" of this really shit weed. And not shit as in good weed, but not good. Like swhag but I don't think shit is even swhag it's like worse then that shit. I mean I only paid 15 bucks but I'm never going to buy from him again that's for sure. Should I tell everyone not to buy off of him or just beat his ass? I'm thinking the second choice though. Thanks.
  2. why would u pay 15 a g for shwag
  3. I didn't know it was swhag whenever I bought it. He was a first time dealer that wanted me to try his stuff.
  4. So when this guy handed u over this gram u couldnt tell it was shit?
    15 dollars for a gram of schwag that guy mustve saw u comin

  5. Look at it before handing over money. There usually aren't any dealers that will refund you. Just start going somewhere else, if he/she keeps calling you asking if you need to be hooked up politely tell them you're all good. If they make a big deal out of it then just tell them their weed sucks. No need for violence or anything. Karma's a bitch, so he/she will get what's coming.
  6. 9mm..= lots of good weed and money. no more bad dealer.
  7. Should I tell other smokers to? That way they can't get ripped off?
  8. Your fault, you don't have to look/smell at weed to know if it's crap. Dirt weed feels very hard and stemmy, even through a bag, tin foil...unless its in a plastic casket or vile, then you would have to look at it or smell it.
  9. Its always good to have an alternative hook up but you run the risk of getting ripped off or busted when working with people you don't know. IMO stick with what you know its all about relationships.
  10. Tell your buddies, if your buying from x, expect them bobby browns.
  11. Pics please OP
  12. I wouldn't go out of my way telling others but if the subject came up or if someone asked me then yeah, I would share my experience.
  13. Lol 15 dollars for a gram of schwag... Thats why you look at it before you buy it:p

  14. I dunno how, or I would but I'll describe it to you... Came in a zip lock bag. There was only two nugs which I would assume is about a gram weighs like a gram but I didn't scale it. There is a big stick through the middle of it, and the rest is shit.. Hmm. Idk I'm just a little disappointed. lol
  15. Looks like the poop my dog took this morning
  16. Right my other deal sells me dank ass shit, like it's 10x better then that shit. Sad though because I don't have anymore and that's the only shit I have now.
  17. lol sounds like your fault for not examining it before you paid him. IDK how you feel justified to beat his ass. Just dont buy from him again.
  18. This sounds like a good idea.

  19. Because it was a waste of 15 bucks.

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