Shit That Tell You Girls Want The D

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    Lets start a list GC, girls your advice would be the best

    1 - discussing their life plans with you

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  2. "I want your dick"
    Haha no for reals though, I will move in closer, insert some kind of innuendo, touch your arm or laugh and bump up against you. Telling you I want to drink more is a good sign. 
  3. Touching is one the best ways to see if a girl likes you, hopefully more guys realize this and begin to slay more pootang! You touch her (bump, touch arm, wrap arm) and her response should tell you if she likes you or not. If she starts touching you back, she definitely wants the dong. This is not for all occasions btw.
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    This girl in my dance class (I was forced to be in due to school having alot of kids, but it was fun and my teacher was sexy and thick as a mfer) thinks I want to secretly have sex with her because I had sex with her friend last November and she told her how good it was blah blah. So, ever since then, she's been messing with me, calling me her "G/best friend" and everyday at the lunch table she'll come bump me with her hips, and sit between my legs or lay on me when we get into dance class. So, I guess she wants the D but I haven't talked to her since I graduated which was about 2 weeks ago. Should I just go ahead and give it to her?
  5. True. If I guy starts getting feely and I'm not comfortable with it I will immediately put some space between us. 
  6. Look at her eyes. You'd be surprised how much you can learn from that.
    And I don't mean it in some romantic "stare deep in to my eyes" The Notebook type crap. I mean fuck a bitch in the ass type deal.
  7. If they start staring in your eyes and then looking at your package.
    Um if they start sucking on their lips and bouncing in their sit. I do this when I'm ready. Oh when they start rubbing their legs together.I also do this when my clit starts screaming at me.
  8. Bonitaalbaum you got a put me on.
    Interesting thread premise
    ..................................go on ladies.
  9. I usually just say it. I don't fuck around.
    If only more women were like this.
    I've made the first move, every. single. time. For once I'd like a girl to come out of nowhere and have to deal with the anxiety, possible rejection, and awkwardness.
  11. I like to make sure everyone understands the situation.

    I made the first move on my boyfriend.

    I believe I said, "So, you're attractive, I'm attractive and I think we should, you know, be friends who have sex". 3 years later and I can't get rid of him. :p
    Very true, this is something that has to be practiced though, also a lot "seasoned" women associate this with "Player" behavior because this is one of the building blocks and won't withdraw but will rather ask you why you touched them, if this ever happens you just need to fess up and come out with it, which is maybe what you should just do in the first place.
    My point is having ONE go to strategy for every women you encounter isn't going to work, i personally know women of the 2 extremes, ones who won't stop talking about what they want and one that would never ever talk about it and rarely in private. 
    With this being said, maybe you won't enjoy sex with every woman on the planet? Something to think about..Learn what you desire in a sex partner and what you don't so you can better enjoy your sex life and make hers good at the same time, don't put all this focus on the woman, because as soon as the encounter begins all the focus will be shifted onto you. 
  13. I'm a playful guy, so I'm always touching women on their arms or thighs, I never gotten the why are you touching me thing though. I think its a good strategy to see how recpetive a girl is to your advances, I learned that from this dude in my high school. I was jealous of all the girls he pulled, until I observed his tactics, it started working immediately, but it takes confidence to pull it off.
  14. Ask to hang out at your house.  Touching a lot.  Get nervous/shy when you come and start talking to them.  Eyes definitely say a lot.  Body language.. I dont know I have a radar though and I know exactly if or not a girl wants the D, then put the armor on and go slay another dragon.  
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    So this girl at school always looks at me and she even said something randomly to me just so we started talking and knowing we exist.  We always say Hi to each other now, and she stares directly into my eyes when she talks to me.  I have a huge gut feeling she's into me and thinks I'm attractive, but I don't know what to do to make advances. Do I just start touching her on the back, like on her shoulder for a second and then just say Hi when I see her, and see how she responds?
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  17. Watch her eyes, if they dilate that means she's excited and/or nervous
  18. When she wraps her lips around muh barber shop pole
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    I'm into older woman so its not a common thing but it does come up sometimes and it can get you into a panic real quick if you ain't ready for it. 

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