Shit Talking problem when Baked

Discussion in 'General' started by primetime21335, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. When I get high I talk soooooooooooooooooooo much shit when I'm playing someone in a game. Any game. Anything. It's actually bad. It's like I just let loose and I don't even realize it. I even get mean and just laugh my ass off at how bad I beat them.

    In beer pong last year I played my suitemate (he sucked!) and I was talking so much shit he quit playing me! Lol! He actually was mad at me. Fuck 'em though he was a bitch. He puked when we smoked a tiny ass bowl of shake.

    We used to play Mario Tennis real intense up here at college and OH MAN, i practically lost a very good friend because we would talk SO MUCH FUCKING SHIT when we'd get high and play each other.

    It's actually dangerous. I have to like, remind myself to be quiet constantly.

    Last year I was beating my other suitemates ASS in NCAA football and omg I just couldn't shut myself up. I was some shitty team whooping his ass with ease and I kept having to tell him, "hey man dont take me seriously i can't help it i always talk shit when im high." and 4 minutes later i'd be talking about how good i am and how he's butt compared to me.

    It was funny as hell too, I was this bum ass #65 DT and I was like "Watch me block this kick on you bitch, numba 65! he's comin! you're havin nightmares!"
    wouldn't you fuckin know it, I BLOCKED HIS KICK WITH HIM! I was laughin my ass off.

    It's actually a bad thing but I can't help. I just enjoy talking shit so much and when i'm high I have a really hard time stopping myself. I just do it without even realizing it.
  2. 2 words, Self control.

    I talk shit when I get high and play video games but it's all in good fun. I don't do it to piss anybody off. I've never pissed anyone off in a video game actually you have to remember to be civil and not just some shit talking douche bag that annoys the piss out of everyone...

    Keep goin down this road and you're gona get your ass kicked, not in the video game.
  3. It's just getting in the moment, dog. Dunno if its because you're high. I see people do it all the time when they're drunk. Who takes that shit seriously, I talk shit when I'm gaming, same with beer pong. Part of being a man. Now I don't know how serious you get but I know i've talked mad shit before, real shit. Depending on the situation people shouldn't take personally. Especially intoxicated. If you feel bad about it then kinda make yourself chill. But if you wooped someones ass in beer pong and don't give a fuck then keep talking shit, mon amie.
  4. Although it is a philosphy of the Bible, I still find it to be a good one..

    Do unto others as you would have done to you. Or something like that...

    Just put yourself in their shoes... empathy is one of man's greatest gifts, use it.
  5. Lol, but I can't help it! I do use self control but it's not even a matter of self control, it's just like I think outloud while I'm concentrating on the game itself. I literally don't even remember talking shit the next day. Literally. It just comes out naturally.

    I mean, it's not a big problem. Really, fuck it. It's just a game and fuck everyone else anyways.

    You don't have to tell me about empathy, i'm so soft i hate killing bugs... but when i'm high man my tongue just starts a swangin
  6. whatever haha, anyone who takes you seriously is dumb. but i do hate people that get drunk and act retarded and talk shit for no reason.
  7. Well, this kind of makes me wonder how long you have been smoking and what kind of mental tolerance you have to cannabis. You seem to be at least a competitive person, and maybe getting high increases that competitive desire. I feel that with more experience with smoking you will better be able to control yourself and your tongue. Now, if you have been smoking for a long time, maybe this is a bigger problem that you should take a serious look at.

    The solution might not be as radical as quitting cannabis... but rather as simple as not competing with people you like while under the influence.

    Also, while playing beer bong you must factor in the alcohol which is much more detrimental to cognitive abilities and moral standards than cannabis. Do you drink often when you smoke?

    Another factor is to consider your age... I don't think anyone will tell anything other than that they have gotten wiser with age. One day, you will much better be able to control yourself in these situations... as you have already taken the first step in identifying the problem. You'll be fine.
  8. Hey man, I actually know what it's like. I can keep myself from trash talking and busting balls when I have almost all my attention on that specific purpose but the second I lose focus I just can't help it. And that's all the time, not just when I smoke up.

    It ain't easy being a jerk!
  9. Haha, then of course you can come rational conlusions like AndyPL... maybe you're a jerk. Nothing so wrong with that, you're only human.
  10. I hate shit talkers and never participate in it. I love it when people get all up in my face, almost yelling at me about how they are gonna kick my ass at pingpong, then watch at they lose their cool and start tripping when I whoop their ass all stonefaced at pingpong. Having a table my whole life, a Dad who still can beat me pretty good to this day, and my dads brother who is a professional player and went pretty far at the world championships has always been nice advantage for me.

    I also enjoy doing the same at Halo 2.
  11. I hear ya, mang. Im a reasonably nice dude, But when i get stoned, I tend to talk a lot of trash, especially with video games, like you said. When i'm stoned, I get so wrapped up in the mindset of two people locked in a brutal battle to the death of wits and hand-eye coordination, that when I win I go nuts and start being a dick. Oh well :D
  12. Its OK to be competitive but not OK to be a complete asshole ya know? You should really work on that before you build some real enemys. MHO
  13. Normally shit talkers get to me pretty easily, thats just how i am.

    Being drunk is another story, their just havin fun, and who cares if they shit talk.
    Just go with it and pay them back when you win.
  14. Some could consider my trash talking a problem, but some could call it a blessing. Guess that all depends wether your getting the barrage. I'm a piece of shit, there I said it!! Happy? Dare you to try and make me feel bad, ha!

    It's all good though! All for fun, no hate! True friends will always call you out!
  15. seems like you been bustin balls for a while, quit that shit before you get stuck
  16. No one enjoys that except you.
    If you did that in my town, honestly someone would bury you.
    Be very careful running your mouth all the time,
    As one day you will rub someone the uber wrong way.
    Big difference between competitive and wanker....draw the line.
  17. Sounds exactly like a matter of self control, if you can't control yourself from doing it.

  18. Lol, good point.

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