Shit Shit Shit. i need help.

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    should i get some in n out, just cook something or delivery?
    i was thinking about cooking something, but that's just a lot of work i don't want to do.
    then i was thinking about the drive to in n out and that's also a lot of work.
    then there's delivery, but i only get crappy food around here.
    help mee.
    sorry, i needed to make the title dramatic to get your attention. this is a serious problem.
    ended up getting In n Out. thanks for the motivation sabertoothZ.

  2. Depends on what you have to cook
  3. In n out is worth the effort, always
  4. cook, healthier and saves you money. 
    gah, but that drive-thru line....
    closest one to me is on hollywood blvd. where all the damn tourists go.
    lol. i don't have anything healthy to cook.
    got some spam. ramen. pop tarts. frozen dumplings. chef boyardee ravioli. tabasco. some kimchi. 
  7. I don't really give a shit, but what's with your signature? It disses weedmaps but has an identical functionality to weedmaps. 
    i'm not dissing weedmaps, just saying that they don't provide the level of search that simpleweed does.
    weedmaps only lets you search for dispensaries. they don't let you search for strains or strain specific items. they don't let you compare prices easily either. not very consumer friendly. and i heard they are not too business friendly either.
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    Buy a pressure cooker and pressure cook rice/bagel bites/felafels/whathaveyou until you have the city on lock down.

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