Shit mom says she might kick me out.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Russian Roulett, May 24, 2006.

  1. My mom is bitching about "pot", and I stand up saying it's not that bad and I give her all the facts... no deaths, better than ciggs, and booze..... you know the facts. She says that it will stunt my growth (I am 18), my brain will not develop, and she gets all her "real facts" from yahoo news. I don't know what to do. She says she buying the test kits, (i'll just azo them), and if I fail then i'm getting kicked out of the house and never coming back, and she will call the cops on me. I want to fucking kill myself, becuase she said no matter how much facts i will show her, she won't care. Not to mention her and my father fucking ate weed brownies in amsterdam. Half my family smokes, and most of my other side of my family (cousins...ect) smoke weed. I don't know what to do... Please help or i will do something drastic, and moving away is not an option.
  2. Tell her to quit thinking about her bad trip, and if she's still grumpy then just slit her throat, problem solved, you don't have to thank me ;)

    But, maybe bunk with a friend?

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  3. wow, that fucking sucks. I assume moving out is out of the question? damn, there is not much you can do with parents like that other than quit, or be kicked out....hypocrits.

    after this summer i am moving out(and being completely cut off) because they feel that me going to a different college is a mistake and refuse to support my decisions so whatever, i think being on my own will do me some good

    ...good luck man, there really are no options for you.....
  4. I am so pissed I have tears in my eyes man... I can't do anything about it. I tried talking, and she fucking doesnt listen. I told her the only reason i'm alive is becuase of weed, and she says "so."

    edit: Muder/suicide? lol I wouldnt kill myself only for the fact when I grow up, i'll smoke with my kids and never let my mom touch them.
  5. i know the situation is shitty, but just keep fightin man, you will get through it all eventually. Can you think of any friends that would let you chill with them or anything until you can get some money together and get an apartment?
  6. nahh man dont do anything durastic (sp), if ur mom knows you smoke with ur kids and shes like that it would just make it worse for everyone... just tell her fine your going to quit and never touch it again, shell be soooo proud, but on the weekends or if they are at work or somethin, hell, spark it up ya know, shower b4 they come home or somethin ya gotta play it off, takes a little work on your part to hide it. just dont go gettin caught again

    refuse the tests or somethin... that or always keep some apple juice handy or somethin. ur not really fooling a cop here or anything

    my mom threatened to call the cops many times, but she never did, cant say that for all moms though. but if she does id just go right to ur closest buds, what she gunna son ran from home cuz i know he smokes marijuana, your 18 and can legally leave home and live on your own,
  7. Dude, that is DEFINITELY NOT the way to persuade your mom! That statement probably made her think her son turned into some junkie who sucks dick for weed, with a life-threatening addiction and all. You need to approach her as if weed is not controlling your life, cool calm & collected. Also, is that really true? If all you live for is weed you need to get your shit together asap. I love green as much as the next stoner, but life has much more to offer. To even think about you ending your life because you could never smoke again is very disturbing to me.

    The worst thing that could happen, if I'm understanding shit correctly, is that you won't be able to blaze until you move out. Considering you're at about that age, it shouldn't be a problem forever. Think about all the weed you can smoke when you move out! You could grow your own White Widow plants one day, just think about that if you're ever pondering drastic measures.
  8. I didn't say it exactly like that, I meant I wouldn't be the person who I am today. I wouldn't be as muture, chill, and as good of a person. I used to be violent, and wanted to kill animals and other things, becuase I use to be a sedistic prick. But now i'm not like that. I was reborn into a new person after my experiences with weed
  9. I'd say just play the obiedient card and if you do get tested just cheat it. Those at home ones are easy anyways. Don't let someone who has no idea what they're talking about (no offense to your mom) get you worked up. As long as you are responsible and show your mom you're a good kid, there's nothin she can do about it, you are 18 after all.

    Some people are just stubborn and stupid and are never gonna change. Just gotta keep it low around them and feel sorry for their ignorance.

    edit: oh yea, good luck man! keep us posted on how things go.
  10. I know her email password and will check hourly if she will order some drug test kit, and if she does, i'm off to a break, if she doesn't i'll fucking keep it on the dl. It was my whole fucking fault for doing this. I shouldn't of said shit, and then she would have just thought he doesn't know anything, so he's a good boy. I am so sad right now, i just died inside. I have nothing left, but my flesh, and thats all I wrote.
  11. Biggest mistake I EVER made was attempting to be reasonable with my parents. Totally FUCKED me up the ass. You know, just move out. Seriously, it's not hard.

    Bunk with a friend till you get some income and then get an apartment with a couple friends. You'll have the time of your life. Teach you some responsibility. The earlier in your life you become independent the easier the rest of your life will be to handle.

    P.S. - I feel your pain, my parents are as psycho (if not psycho'er than) yours. Just buckle down and charge through the bullshit.
  12. Thats hilarious.
  13. weed stunts your growth?
  14. Tell her somthing along the lines of, "Mom im going to school, working, ect. Marijuana will not ruin my life, but being homeless will."

  15. Why isn't moving out an option? Can't afford it? Get a job, find some friends who want to move out as well- the more roommates you have, the cheaper your expenses will be. It can be very hard to make ends meet, especially when you are used to everything being taken care of for you, but you are an adult and can do it.

    You are 18, she has no legal obligation to allow you to live in her home or support you, especially if you will not follow her rules. No offence meant, but you have to understand that if for any reason the cops were to discover even a small amount of weed, or some smoking paraphanelia in her home- she would get in trouble for it, even though it is yours.

    Anyway, good luck. I hope it all works out for you.
  16. bummer dude, all i can say is move out and get an apartment with some friends or something.
  17. Ive been put in this situation so many times back in the day. Your mom is not gonna kick you out man. Your probably white which means (no offense to others) that you mom does not want you to end up without some college education. If you are scared enough into quitting then just get one of those drinks or even dilute the test. All you have to do is get your shit together, if she sees you are doing as she wants then shell never kick you out. Also dont go in reeking like bud or you could get screwed. Or be like me and say fuck em get a job and move out.
  18. Look man, i had to go threw that same shit a few days ago..crazy i know. Anyway man, you have to get a job..quit smoking if you have or then start again after you've worked a while an got settled in, its not going to kill you is it?
  19. dude .. dont let her kick u out leave now and dont come home or call for a week .. scur her .. make her miss her baby
  20. My mom used to tell me she was gonna drug test me and shit and call the cops, but one night i was smokin, and i was like wait, my mom just to be a hippie so iwalked into her room and i was like mom im so high and she was like you better not be, and im like, well i am. and then i walked my mom doesnt really care. And we have a really tight relationship and she has total trust over what i do...maybe your mom is bluffin just to get you off of these delicious nugs that are in my bong waiting for me to hit.

    All i can say is, good luck, things happen in life, but in the end, all is forgiven from your parents.

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