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shit man, scared

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mess14951, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. my dad found out about me smoking, and now im suspicious that the cops are after me... what the hell should i do?
  2. Why would your dad call the cops on you without confronting you. No offense but that's a dick move.
  3. yea, but i dont think he did it, i live in a college town and other kids might do it
  4. Just chill out. Dealing with your parents might be a bitch for a while, but I doubt they would involve cops with their children. Most parents don't want that "My children get involved with cops." feeling.
  5. I would think college kids smoke and don't snitch? Is it just me or does this seem off?
  6. I don't understand how your dad finding out is corralated to cops getting you?
  7. still, people in town, would they? if they noticed or something?
  8. What if his dad is a cop Whoooaaa that just blew my mind god im so high
  9. Yes everyone is out to get you and the weed you smoke. Turn yourself in right now and save a hard life of running from the cops.

  10. What does your dad knowing you smoke weed have to do with kids in your college town being more or less likely to call the cops.
  11. Okay, either I live in a doped up neighborhood, or some people are very dramatic. Me and my friends get pulled over by the same DT's monthly, and they have never done anything about us having weed. Except one kid had a QP, so he got arrested. But I've had these undercovers make jokes about the weed I had and shit. Haha they pulled me and my friends over and they're like this is what you get for a 20 nowadays? They just don't really care honestly. They pull us over, threaten to beat the shit outta us if we have any needles and say who does dope? Who sells dope? We tell them nothing, mostly because we're not dumb enough to do heroin and we don't fuck around with that, and then they give us our weed back, and tell us to stay outta trouble. I really am convinced most law enforcement could give two shits about a college kid smoking weed. As long as you stay outta your car, and stay away from large amounts, I truely believe they aren't gonna do shit.
  12. ummmmm what? Your dad found out so you think your whole towns after you? If you live in a college town, I can guarantee your not the only person who smokes pot and most people probably don't give a shit. Calm down
  13. dude, that last post, thanks. im so high though, makin me paranoid like shit!
  14. No problem man. Just know that there are millions of stoners in this world, your not the first and won't be the last. Just because your dad found out doesn't mean everyone did. He probably won't go around talking about it, so besides him no one will probably know. Just take another toke and relax :smoking:
  15. Why the fuck would your Dad call the cops on you...thats not gonna happen...Even if the cops were after you they couldnt do shit as long as your not doing anything wrong to break the law...its not like they are gonna pull you over and drug test you and then take you to jail or something...Tell the cop your gonna sue him if he says shit to you...idk none of that is gonna happen anyways just calm down
  16. this is funny. can someone saying paranoidddd? haha. chill out man. no one gives a fuck that you smoke (in the nicest way possible), especially the new smokers buying and sharing grams amongst a group of people and shit like that. They want growers and bigger growers. There is nothing else to say really. Unless he does call the cops on you. Which i knew someone that that happened to. His dad found his scale and a couple ounces and cash, knew he was seling, and called the cops. So yes, more likely than not your dad is going to call the police and mostly everyone around the town will find out and also try to get you somehow. Duh thats what people do when they find out a random kid got high. It is the most logical reasonable thing to think that would happen after your dad finding out you smoke pot. It's good youre onto them tho maybe youll have time to skip town and change name. Hurry up theyre a-comin with their pitchforks and torches. Dont trust anyone, dont forget, your dad found out you smoke weed...
  17. calm down dude. the cops arent after you.. this shit will blow over after a while. if your that scared of him finding out maybe you shouldnt do it until your 18 and out of the house.. dont let being paranoid about shit kill your smoking experiences :smoking:
  18. other people won't really do much unless they have like a grudge, or seomthing, i've been in this situation.

    and with the parents, been there, done that. they'll get over it eventually.
  19. hahahahahahah!
  20. people dont care unless u mess with them... i always just burn it when im walking along

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