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shit man,no hookup

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by green_machine_x, Apr 26, 2009.

  1. well i got paid today and im lookin to get an eightth and my fuckin dealer wont pick up all day,cell or house,anyone know hot to find a new connect?
  2. Don't seem to desperate.

    I suggest going to the sketchy part of town and look for people hanging out on the corners. I know this is sketchy and can get you shot, but if you find a good connect... then yea find some one.

    Try universities?
    Try headshops, don't talk about it inside, buy people going in and out. Or if you get talkative with some one working there.
  3. ask your friends to call one of their guys. i doubt between you and your friends you guys only got 1 hook up.
  4. well dude me and the 2 guys i was with we use the same 2 guys,and our main wont pick up and the secondary is dry apperantly
  5. ill sell you an eighth over the internet man ive got plenty
  6. uh.. what?
    hookups are not allowed
  7. #7 sistermol, Apr 26, 2009
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    your not the brightest crayon in a pack of 8 are you? he was fuckin around

    but op just go to the hood around where you live and ask around but dont seem to eager and giddy and shit or you'll end up dead
  8. Go to the ghetto!

  9. i laughed, wtf it's trying to buy something not dating?

    look for people buying papers or dutches at gas stations and ask them if they know where you can buy some bud

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