Shit man, just shit.

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  1. if you want the full story check this thread I posted an hour ago:

    So I texted my good friend and told him the story because he's really good friends with the girl I was talking about in that thread.

    He asked if we could go to Taco Bell and we'd talk about it. I had nothing better to do/was hungry/wanted to smoke again so i said sure.

    note: Nothing was said about smoking. I didn't mention it, nor did he.

    So I pull up to his house and he's not outside... but I'm inches away from his bedroom window, so I pull my phone out and play a song we both love out the car speakers and roll the windows down (We have a serious bromance, don't hate.) and his head pops out the window and he starts jamming.

    So he comes outside and hops in the car and a cop rolls past his street, so I turn the music down immediately and he says "yea they always roll past here at night" (This isn't a getting caught by the cops story so if you want to stop reading go right ahead)

    So we roll on down the street and we're talking, and he says "So.... we smoking?"

    and I'm like "yea sure, how much bud you got?" Shit, he invited me out right?

    He's got no bud. Of course he doesn't. He doesn't buy. He has his own pipe. But never buys any... he gets smoked up A LOT and forces people to use his pipe... and then I imagine he scrapes it for res and smokes that too...

    So I'm sort of pissed... but I told him I had bud and not to worry. So we head down a side street and he tells me to park. I'm kind of sketched, I don't know this street, and I'd much prefer to smoke at a safer spot... but I let it slide. So he asks me where the bud is. Rude. I'm taking the key out of the ignition and like getting myself situated and I tell him its in the top compartment thingy and like a fiend he grabs my pipe and weed from where I put it and starts packing a bowl.

    So now I'm more than pissed. Don't touch a brothers bud. First of all, you don't know how much I have left... you don't know how much I was willing to smoke... and you didn't even pay for half of it.

    Once again I let it slide. So we get out and were leaning against the car and he asks if he can take greens. "NO DUDE" so I take my pipe and take the first hit.

    He's cracking up and quoting tv shows at me in between hits... All I want to do is finish the bowl quickly and then we'll have the rest of the night to laugh, you know? I'm on this side street and I don't know where I am.

    So we finish and get back in the car and I put everything back and what not. And we drive to Taco Bell. I ask him what he wants before I pull up to the drive thru and he says two things... but they were complicated as fuck.

    So I order my food and ask him what he wants again and he gives me an attitude. Damn bro I'm not going to remember "A cheesy gordita crunch no lettuce" and a "whatever burrito with no sour cream" I just can't do it, you know?

    So we pull up to the next window and I ask him for his money. He pulls out a pocket full of change, mostly nickels.

    So I give him a "Are you fucking kidding me?" look... say "Are you fucking kidding me?" and tell him to keep his change I'm not carrying around a fuck ton of change and shit. "I'm not happy right now dude." I say.

    So I pay for his food and for mine... It only came out to $11 something but its not the point, right?

    We drive off. and he starts bugging out with the bags of food. He like rips through everything and I start screaming playfully "You best not eat that shit in this fucking car dude, Not even playing. Don't even take one fucking bite of that shit. We'll be at my house in literally 30 seconds, just wait."

    Of course he starts eating. So I pull in the driveway and put my shit in my pockets and getting ready to head inside and hes all "I'm not going inside dude. I just can't do that."

    So I'm wondering... is he too high? My parents are asleep, and hes been around them high loads of times before, its not a big deal... So we argue and shit and he gets food on the floor.. and I tell him I'll be right back.

    So I run inside (I take my weed/pipe/food/everything inside) put everything away quickly. There was no way I was leaving him with the weed in the car... and we were NOT going to smoke more, so I might as well keep it out of the car if I'm going to be driving some more.

    "Where we going now dude?" He asks.

    "I'm taking you home." Silence. Lots of silence... Hes texting on his phone and then he starts complaining

    "Do you even know how to drive high dude?" Oh, sorry I'm sort of pissed off and didn't come to a full and complete stop at every stop sign. I'm not driving erratic. I'm not driving like a tool. I'm driving perfectly safe, exactly the speed limit. 40 in a 35.

    So I drop him off, and watch in the wing mirror until he unlocks his door and gets inside (I'm being a good friend.) and I pull away and come home.

    and I eat my tacos (One taco short, he ate one... or they forgot to bag one, but I'm pretty sure he ate it.)

    Fucking A man.... This kid used to visit me weekly when I was in the hospital. Every weekend when I got out he'd be waiting at the house. I guess I'm just going to have to stop smoking with him right? Shit man, just shit.

    Hope you enjoyed that read, fellow blades. I like writing... Maybe I'll be a writer one day. Shit man, just shit. :smoke:
  2. Twas kinda funny in a way, i can picture it being an snl skit or something.
  3. wait so what happened to the tumblr ho with oreos??
  4. that sucks man... a true friend would never act like that
  5. sounds like a lame friend
  6. this had absolutely nothing to do with the chick . But your friend seems like a jackass. Be straight up with him and tell him to stop being such a fiend
  7. I think you were just being whining ..... If you didn't wan to chill with him why did you go pick him up ..... If you didn't want to smoke you should of just said you forget it at home and don't ever kick it with him
  8. I thought you lost the charger to your phone? So how could you play a song on it?
  9. thats tough man, i'd hate to see that happen with such a good friend of mine. continuously mooching. thats not cool.

    if i were you, i'd stop smoking with him but perhaps continue to chill with him sober? and if he wants to smoke, just say your dry.

    maybe get him to buy a gram and smoke you down for once haha
  10. sounds like your friends letting drugs control his life thus he doesnt give a shit about you or anyone else.

  11. thats the thing though. I remember saying to him "Shit man (if you've read my posts you know I say that a lot.) I've been spending a lot of money on food and shit lately, and its adding up.. you know?"

    and he replies with:

    "maybe if you stopped buying so much weed you'd have some money."

    ................. :rolleyes:

  12. Sooo you hung out with your bro instead of getting your dick wet? What happened to the first thread
  13. I don't get all these threads about friends fighting over smoking weed and shit. Find better friends.
    Me and my friends'll smoke each other out anytime. And if one friend goes too long without contributing we'll straight up tell them politely and boom they have bud next time.
  14. that guy sounds like a dickwad, sorry.
  15. You just gotta show em how to do it. Sit him aside and explain the flow of this life and hopefully he gets it.
  16. lol sounds like you described one of my friends, he always tries to smoke for free and is slightly rude like your friend, anyways he wasn't always like that. he even did the taco bell thing except he said "you wanna go to taco bell" when i responded sure he said " oh but i got no money i can pay you back next week" hes done this a few times and doesn't pay back unless grilled for it. i talked to him about a few things, he didn't change so i don't chill with him any more
  17. Guy sounds like a tool, its real clear what you gotta do.

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