Shit I think they are dead...

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  1. So I'm growing in a storage bin, using LEDs and the usual temperature is 90 give or take with good circulation, my plants were thriving in this conditions. I had 2 big plants in there that were both over 2 feet and very bushy. I went on vacation for Christmas break to Hawaii and came back to see my plants extremely wilted and dried. I was gone for a week. It's now been another week, and I've been watering and spraying leaves hoping for a recovery, not much has happened. I hope I didn't fry my baby's... Any chance of coming back? They were extremely well rooted in there pots, and are pretty strong plants so I didn't think anything of leaving them for a week. Luckily, if they are dead I took 1 clone of my white widow right before I left. I'm going to keep trying, but opinions/expertise?
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    just baby them they sound like they might come back pics?

    Edit: V o shit i didnt even see the temp ya man that is way to high drop it to 75
  3. Your temperature is too high. Get it down to 75 if you can but at least get it under 85. I'm surprised it was doing ok at 90 bit I'm guessing most o the growth was coming at night when the temps were cooler.

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