shit i spilled my baby

Discussion in 'General' started by guarrana, May 16, 2006.

  1. Shit folks! I was reaching for some more and in the process I elbowed my bubbler and it tipped over and spill pot and water in this one balloon shaped spot on my desk.

    What do I do? I'm stoned, and I'm confused.

  2. drink that shit up man :p
  3. This is what I would do in your case. Take off your pants and put them over your head. Now run around your neighborhood screaming the british are coming. After an hour or two, pack another bubbler bowl and repeat. Keep going until you run out of weed or the cops show up, in which case you would want to put your pants on.
  4. You cant figure out how to get a paper towl and wipe that up by yourself? Or are you just looking for attention?
  5. Reaching for some more.... what? o_O
  6. I am going to do that.
  7. Sop that shit up, dawg!
  8. id clean it up.
  9. yeah clean it up...and if you think that's a shit job try holding your bubbler that is packed with about 4 hits left and get mad munchies and reach into the pantry to grab food and not realize your bubbler is in your hand and spill it all over the food in there.
  10. lmao, man, i wanna get that ripped sometime

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