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  1. sorry seem to have misplaced my book....went to an area farm i got rabbit poop, composted horse poop and we tried to get chicken poop but it has rained here for a few days so i just scooped up some dirt from under the coop. I know this stuff is too hot to just use.... what can i do with it? tea or what?
  2. beware- i used horse manure in my organic veg garden. it was full of seeds from the grain. i guess horses dont digest it. :eek: cow would be better. unless you want to grow alfalfa!!
  3. Be real careful with it! Here is a link to help you read up a bit on animal manures.

    If you go to the home page and call up the index there are a number of excellent organic articles there.

    It's probably best used on your compost heap if you have one. The fresh manures have a great propensity to release too much ammonia too quickly which is going to result in burn. Also, you can create a salt build up problem with fresh manure, and as has been mentioned already weeds in your weed.

    About every recommendation I've ever read about farm manures is to compost them or let them sit outside for perhaps a season to ensure the seeds die. They really provide very little N-P-K for the effort and you'd get a far better and safer bang for your buck going with other sources for N-P-K, trace minerals, etc.

  4. Poorly composted and/or fresh manures harbor pathogens, such as E. Coli, as well. Which obviously you would not want no matter what plants you're growing!
  5. I use just rabbit manure because you can use it hot. You can add it to compost, wormbin, or teas immediately. I own two rabbits for this reason. I even place it around my clones with each transplant and have had no negative effects yet. Some articles say it should be aged, dry but unless in is soaking in rabbit urine you should have no problems. Try a google search rocketfuel for roses. Happy growing.
  6. The chicken and horse should be composted, for a good while.

    I've always heard that rabbit can be used pretty much as is. I'd probably dry and powder it, then add to your soil. Let your soil cook for a week or two, just to be safe though.

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