Shit I like this chick.

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  1. So i started going to this new school about six months ago. In my last hour class there was this girl.. I thought she was fucking hot so i wanted to get to know her. about a month down the road i started hanging out with this dude. we chill for a few days so now were friends and i come to find out the girl i was crushin is dating a friend of mine. Now, im not the type of person whos gonna fuck with someone elses relationship espeically if its a friends but, this chick is always touching me and always saying how much of an asshole her boy friend is and that she wants to break up with him. and she keeps sayin shit like, maybe its my turn to sit in the front seat, cause me her and her boyfriend hang and shes always in the back. I don't really know what to do. I mean I really like her but shes dating my friend. on the other hand i havent been friends with this dude very long sooo....

    Any help would be nice.
  2. its officially time for u to fuck her:)
  3. well what's more important to you. a new friend, or hot pussy?
  4. If he is your boy, and accepted you as a friend at your new school, I say lay off. Do you want someone spitting game at your girl on the sneak tip? Especially after you took that person under your wing? Wait until she dumps her boyfriend, give it some time, then lay your mack down.
  5. or known as the dude that will fuck your girl behind your back? hmmm, know a few of those. don't trust any of them at all.
  6. Exactly..people gotta themselves in other people's shoes..but at the same time..if the girl's feeling you..then what the hell lol...
  7. this thread reminds me... women are the fucking devil.
  8. Dude just back off, is your life totally fine now?

    Chances are yes.
  9. If you want to keep your friendship and make a move on this girl you have a dilemma.

    You're best bet is at all costs do NOT interfere with their relationship. Don't take sides, tell both parties you wish to remain neutral. If it's really as unstable as it seems, it will fall apart by itself without your doing.

    Remain close friends with this girl through this process. Being flirtatious is fine, but don't go overboard or make it obvious while she's dating your friend. After enough time passes, make your move. Prefferably after your friend gets over her.
  10. just remember this...u have only so many friends...but hot girls that we wanna fuck are all over the place...maybe later the 2 will break up and u can pursue her...but as of now just get some other pussy and keep ur 2 cents
  11. well if your new to this school and this guy went out of his way to help you out and become your friend it is a little cold to snatch his girl, and i would say dont interfere cause if your new and he's dating someone as hot as you make her out to be, he can probably make school pretty shitty for you (sounds like a popular guy), i'd say what pretty much everyone else said, let her know your interested but keep it under control, wait for it to end between them (shouldnt take long) and then give it a bit of time and clear it with your boy
  12. If she's willing to blow off one guy for another, what makes you think you'll be so special?

    She'll probably do the same shit to you 3 months down the line.

  13. i second this motion
  14. This is the truth. Besides, he's a close enough friend for you to be hanging out with the 2 of them when they are dating. The cons heavily outweigh the pros on this one. My vote is to lay off.
  15. If she really can't stand her boyfriend she would have broke up with him already and she would have let you been fuckin' smashin' it
  16. dude who ever invented bros before hoes is a fag fuck that chick.
  17. i could tell you hell no dont do that to your bro.... but if its not you it just gonna be some dumb lucky son of a bitch and your gonna feel like a tard for not jumpin on that ass. you see the problem here is your puttin the pussy on a pedestal.
  18. well thanks guys. i dont know what to do!! the more i hang out with her the more i like her but... i dont wanna be a home wrecker. i mean this guy is chill but hes a complete ass to his girl.
  19. stay away from this girl dude, she's bad news.
  20. fuck her and then tell ur boy. that'll show em both.

    EDIT:fuck her in the poopshoot

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