shit i got at school today

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by ludachris, Mar 4, 2004.

  1. just smoked a joint of this here, and let me tell u its a mindfuck

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  2. another pic, different nug, and different lighter. i got this shit for $25 canadian an eighth, haha these 2 nugs is all i got left from the 1/8 that was weighed over at about 4 grams.

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  3. looks like some good bud... how'd it smoke?

    edit: oops, you said it was a "mind fuck" :D sounds good to me!
  4. yea it is indeed a mindfuck, i was tryin to do some homework like 15 min after smokin this shit, and i couldnt get thru a single sentance. i just ended up givin up
  5. heres my last nug from the 1/8, its rolled up and im gonna smoke it

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  6. That joint looks really good right about now.
  7. sounds good to me to considering im sober as hell
  8. I wish I could get dank like that for $25 an 8th, I'd have to buy a QP just to get it at that price.
    I've seen dealers in Cali try to sell me an 8th of shit that looks weaker than that for $50.
  9. That stuff looks bangin dude, keep smoking
  10. thats wierd. u would think canadian prices would be higher because our currency isnt worth as much. and that $50 an 1/8 shit is hurtin, find someone else, somebody has to have decent shit for not too pricey. i wouldnt pay 50 american for a 1/8, i get dank for $40-45 canadian a 1/4

  11. I pay $35 but my bro hooks me up otherwise I'd probably be stuck paying $50 like the rest of the heads.
    From what I know these are standard USA prices.
    Almost anyone else will tell you theres no way they could get an 8th of anything decent for under $40.
    It sucks but that's how it is.
  12. Are you gonna' post a pic of EVERY bag you buy...? hehehehehehe.......;). I would be more impressed with pics of buds you grew yourself. Not bad looking buds though...enjoy!!!!!
  13. Unless you know a grower or are friends with a big connect whose pushin mad weight, its hard to get the bangin bangin for less than 50 1/8th. That is what i have found on the east coast and midwest generally.

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