Shit i been seein latley...

Discussion in 'General' started by KeepSmokinReefa, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. On this site.

    Straight up prejudice.

    And i dont like it.

    Ive been disrespected, And taken cheap shots at.

    Like this fool GangBanger313. Bitch ***** get real.

    But no the real tip, Makes me not feel welcome, Makes me not want to post here.

    Now yall heard it..
  2. Yeah but wherever you go there's always gonna be someone who will talk shit. Haven't you learned that yet? I just ignore all the idiots on here. Not worth the time.. unless I'm blazed & bored
  3. Ay forget them, bro. The people that don't respect you aren't worth yer time. Most of us here don't give a fuck who you are or where you some from or any shit like that. It's obvious that there are some immature punks under 18 on this forum that need to get checked.
  4. i feel the same way about the gangbanger313 when is ay that thread i thought of drawn together the one chick was like *just when you thouht racism couldnt get more any more racismer* and whats messed up is RMLJ said its somebody whos on here already. dude there for the lack of a better hating on people way to much
  5. i respect you KSR.

    screw gangbanger313. i've read his posts and he sounds like someone who enjoys making up fake personalities on forums.

    obviously got a lot of time on his hands, and doesn't do shit with it.

    fuck em, stick around KSR.
  6. yea ksr i got your backman your the coolest badass iv never actually met in person:cool:
  7. stop taking everthing so personel. you shouldnt be so offended by people on the internet that really dont know. if someone makes you mad, just ignore them........i swear, some of you people (im not naming names) act like children.
  8. That member was banned early this morning, KSR. It's not at all cool that you've been made to feel unwelcome and I'm sorry that's been the case for you. Shit like that isn't tolerated here at the City.

    Sometimes it takes reporting certain incidents to me and IndianaToker. We haven't had very many active Moderators lately and it can be difficult for the two of us to moderate one to two thousand new posts everyday. We're adding new Mods soon so hopefully we won't see quite as much of the crap as we have been seeing as of late.

    Again, I'm sorry that you've dealt with this type of issue and, frankly, the people who are showing such extreme prejudice aren't welcome here.

  9. I've been at the City since 2001 so I see things a bit differently. The City always stood apart from the rest of the Net because we were always like a huge stoner family that had a tremendous amount respect for one another. Unfortunately, we had a flood of people all of a sudden hit our City and the vibe changed but the vision for the huge stoner family is still there and with the help of some new Moderators soon, we hope to get back that vibe.

    I don't believe in the ignore option so much. If there are people here who are being disrespectful and making others who are postively contributing to the City feel unwelcome then the disrespectful people need to leave.
  10. god i love this place.
  11. i think we should nominate KSR for moderator

  12. No
  13. May I just ask what the fuck you are talking about?
  14. Aww KSR, I'm sorry some people are disrespecting don't deserve that. Sounds like the admins have taken care of the most recent offender, and hopefully we won't have any copycats...disrespect just isn't something we do here.

    And despite anyone who may do stuff like that in the future, you know there are plenty of us who have nothin but love for ya!!

  15. KSR's complaints are well warranted, and for that I am sorry.

    KSR, where I come from, someone who is white and acts 'gangster' (I will loosely call it that), is fake, most of use people from the suburbs don't understand that there are white people who can bang just as hard as anyone else. I am sorry we are so close minded but you know you are harder than any punk ass bitch on the forums who tries to tell you otherwise. So please just rise above it man, we know you can.
  16. See, This is why i love this place.

    Thanks alot Rummy, I appreciate it.

    Thank all of you who care ya know what im saying.

    Jus this gangbanger313 nig took shit to another level.

    Created a new name and everything jus to talk shit and take cheap shots at me without saying me. But its obvious, The 313 and everything. 313 is Detroits area code shit. It jus really pissed me off and made me feel like not coming back.

    But im glad to hear this kinda shit will be dealt with.

    Because i will not tolerate it personally, I cant do anything about it because im jus a member, And im straight with that.

    Jus shit like that continues, Im outtie.

    But once again, Thank all of yall. This is why i love GC.

  17. 1) You personally know you just gotta bring your shit up another level too, I know it's hard to get hated on, but fuck them man, like you said, nothing can change your area code, be it Black, White, Asian, it doesn't matter.

    2) I have seen way too many good members of GC go for their various reasons, I cannot stand to see another member leave. We need you here man, and you know that.
  18. i love gc too
  19. stick around KeepSmokinReefa, i enjoy your stories and you always share with us about your life and shit, so fuck whoever disrespects you. dont leave because some punkass bitch likes to talk shit on the internet. hit the ignore button and forget about his ass, he just wants your attention.

    P.S. teach me how to roll a damn swisher blunt, i tried yesterday and kept fucking it up till i lost my patience and threw a chair across my friends backyard :D
  20. KSR sometimes you gotta learn not to take little punk ass bitches like that guy, just ignore him hes prolly some fuck that lives with his parents at the age of 30 and has no life please dont leave you have some badass stories:)

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