Shit got sour

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  1. So yesterday night, I give a fairly trusted dealer of mine $50 so he can run into the big city to get me some. At about 3 A.M. he texts me saying he just got out of jail but he is still gonna get me weed. So all of next day I try to get a hold of him but no answer even though he said he would get it to me today. So at about 9 P.M. I go inside and it's his girl friend's mom who is a cashier at my school cafeteria. About halfway through the deal she comes down, starts threatening she will call the cops and for my dealer and I to get out of the house now. I feel like a complete dick for going in without asking... but I got my green and I got out of there quick..
    And now on Monday I have to go through the lunch line and go through her hoping she doesn't recognize me.

  2. My advice? Get a fake mustache. She will never notice. Or just bring a lunch and avoid the lunch line completely"Some people feel the rain, others just get wet" ~Bob Marley
  3. or you could just not give a fuck.

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  4. Lunch line?
    Definitely over 18.
  5. Can't be 18 at High School?
  6. you gave a 'dealer' money so he could go buy your weed in the city and return...
    aint kids cute...
  7. Hey guys, let's all jump on OP's dick and assume he's under 18! 
    Or not. I'm not a prick. Glad you got your green like you deserved though man.
  8. When you go see her in the lunch line just be like "Ay what up... CUNT!"
    Shit is that simple...
  9. I'd be like

    "Sup? You from outta town?"
  10. Stare that bitch in the eye like a boss would. If she doesn't look away just ask how she is. When she replies pretend you didn't hear her and ask "What?" all while maintaining eye contact. She'll break it after that.
    She'll never want to speak to you again.
  11. What's she gonna do? Not serve you lunch?
  12. No pictures, no witnesses, no evidence lol. Deny deny deny

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  13. Trusting your dealer with $50 was a bad mood in the first place
    If she recognizes you she has no proof. Just say you play a lot of pranks and she hates you for them, pay off some preppy brats to say the same

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    What dealer? Lol others in here aren't jumping all over OP for no reason. What kind of person gives someone $50 to a "dealer" to go into the city to pick up some weed for him/her. Not to mention said dealer gets kicked out of girlfriends apartment. A real dealer would not be getting kicked out of an apartment.

    Clearly someone who is at most 15 years old. If OP is over 18 I am then speechless.
  15. how again did you end up in her house? I got lost at this point;;;;   So at about 9 P.M. I go inside and it's his girl friend's mom who is a cashier at my school cafeteria.
    So clarify that for this slow old fart.
    Did you break into the house with the dealer's gf, but the house was his mom's..who works at your school?
  16. I'm sure there's more than one lunch lady, right OP? 
  17. I can never recall when my shit was sour. You cant really taste that since you dont have a mouth by your ass...
  18. What is this Mickey Mouse shit?
  19. Your dealer lives with his mom?

    Damn he took yolo too far!
    She the muscle of the operation or what? Lol
  20. I personally know many people who are aged 20+ who give a middleman their money and he goes into the city to pick up their weed for them because the dealer doesn't like to do it face-to-face. People are jumping on him, whether or not he is 18 is technically irrelevant, if he's signed up he's agreed to the terms. There's no point in commenting saying 'you're too young' as it has nothing to do with anything, and is a stupid thing to just blindly assume. Sure there are a lot of youngsters on GrassCity, but as long as they're not admitting it and don't act a fool, who gives a shit? I joined the site when I was 16/17, made posts, and people still liked me.

    And lol at a 'real dealer' wouldn't get kicked out. So dealers don't get into commited relationships? They don't feel love, attraction? They don't argue with people?

    Get off your high-horse.

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