SHIT, Caught again?

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  1. I left my phone upstairs while i was in the kitchen and my sis brought it up to me. Turns out i left it with a cannabis tea website on while the phone was on sleep.

    Now Ive been caught once before at the end of last year and my mum FREAKED. I told my sis that it was there from aages ago but she knows Im lying and says shes gonna tell my mum when she gets home.

    What the fuck should i do ? Ive got all my weed/; weed related shit outta the house so no worries there.

    Im thinking about just sitting down and telling my mum before my sister does that I saw this article:
    The magic ingredient: Hash brownies, dope stir-fry... Cooking with the cannabis granny - This Britain, UK - The Independent

    and just got interested and did a search? Or sitting down and telling my sis that before she tells my mum?

    And no, I dont smoke in the house and im over 18, just about to go to university....
    And explaining weeds not bad is useless to my mum...she doesnt drink etc and is completely straight edge?
  2. dude just say you were using stumbleupon, if you can have that on your phone. it just goes to random websites

    otherwise just say "yea it looked interesting so i started reading it, i always wondered how they did it" or some shit like that
  3. your sister is a b****
  4. just be like i dont know what____________*fill in sisters name* is talking about
  5. Man fuck your sister. If she wants to be a brat and "tattle" on you just because of something she saw on your phone then she needs to grow up. You should find something to "tattle" on her about and see how she likes it.
  6. just be like well i wanted to see something about cooking food with marijuana and see if its any different from regular cooking. I guess i fell asleep reading it
  7. Man that's the news, you can't get baited for looking at the news just say it caught your eye. It's actually really interesting article the grandma swears by using weed to aid her pains, and she's been arrested for intent to supply.

    Tell your sis to fuck herself if she thinks it's necessary to tell your mum. It she saw you watching it on television would she go running to your mum... No

  8. Lol yea... wow, my sister saw a pic of me w/ a freaking GAS MASK on and didnt say shit. She was upset about it when her fears were confirmed, taht I really do toke, but at least she was loyal and never said a word to my mom.
    Your lil sis sounds like a total bitch tho... tattling is such a low thing to do. I used to tell on kids in school once in awhile, and wonder why I had few friends, now I just let people do their own thing. If theyr gonna get caught, just let it happen. She shouldnt have gotten involved.
  9. If they saw an article open about how some dude robbed a bank would she go and tell your mom about that too? Honestly, she has absolutely NO argument. Just tell her to fuck off.
  10. Murder is the only option...
  11. how old is she?
  12. I second this question.
  13. tell her it was your sister and she just wants to get you in trouble

    she had no right going through your phone anyway without asking first atleast.
  14. Now I don't usually condone violence, but these are unique circumstances. I hate to say it, but ^^ is right.
  15. say that your sister is trying to blackmail you, because she remembers how pissed your mom got last time, and you refused to give her 20 bucks so she is trying to fuck you over. Its a stretch but if you stick to it the whole thing will just boil over.

  16. I third this question

  17. now that is a plan!
  18. wooow, yeah man your sister is the devil herself.

    & deny deny deny, tell her it was something else
  19. go on her computer, and look up "how to make meth," then tell her to stfu or you'll tell your parents about her drug habits...
  20. well thats a bit shallow but payback is a bitch... thats perfect!

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