shit and wish vs creating your own reality

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    shit in one hand and wish in the other.

    i remeber using with some people a little older than me

    and i was just learning about "the secret" and stuff
    and all about positivity and god and shit

    and this past year in rehab i watched alot of timmothy leary and shit "think for yourself"

    and i never understood "shit and wish'
    and i think i am more now.
    Like maybe i have no controll and shit happens randomly or because of karma.

    i still pray and beleive in god, but instead of thinking "why arent things going my way" its " why, what am i suposed to see/learn" and "fuck"

  2. Then you have raised your consciousness. You must be in a better place now - good for you my friend. Perhaps you'd care to say a little about rehab?
  3. yes, you have taken the first steps to being "awake" more and more are becoming more conscious each may be the dawning era of a dimensional shift.
  4. The more you follow It and listen...the better your life will be....I do not hold any particular religion's tenets...that's just the way I found It works....

    That 'listening' aspect affronts the pride in a person...which is why its so hard to understand for some...they want to be in control...and they can be, its their choice...but they give up a whole different life than the one they COULDVE had, they just wont See.
  5. the only thing you have control what you do with the shit once it is in your hand......;):smoking:

    you dont get to pick the flavor...
    or the smell....

    but once you have it.....

    it is all up to you what gets done with it!
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    holy shit! its starting to make much more sense now

  7. shit is often simpler then we would like to imagine;):smoking:
  8. lol..

    "This is shit...<pointing>...this is Shinola <in hand> Shit....Shinola"....<Navin immediately steps in the shit....>-The Jerk

  9. we could get real tricksy...and say you can influence the taste and smell of the shit....:eek:

    what comes out is entirely relative to what you put it....

    so in our shit metaphor....
    what kind of shit you end up with
    is directly related to what you put into it....;):smoking:
    cant control that part....
    but one can have at least a bit of influence on it!
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    i shit out what i eat...


    but sometimes i cant help but eat bad stuff
    is that just shit?

    when does the shit start and end?

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  11. *see which one fills up first*:smoke:ol
  12. we all eat bad shit sometimes...and usually like it at the time!!!!!!:eek:
    regardless of what the consequences may be....

    as for questioning the idea of all this questioning.....

    well yeah?
    of elts do you know when to stop questioning a certain subject and start questioning the next!!!!:eek:;):smoking:
  13. yeah just liked the philosraptor:cool::cool::cool:
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    Yeah, I think a lot about fuck, too.
  15. [ame=]Joe Rogan and Dave Foley discuss "The Secret" and break things down - YouTube[/ame]

    long listen but good
  16. hey

    what about shit and pray????????????

  17. i dont think you are going to attract much prey using shit?:confused:
    at least not any you would like to eat?:eek:

  18. hahaha

    I dont know I have a faith in a higherpower( god as some people say it)

    and i rely on it often.

    sometimes it seems like i have no controll but what works out is better than i could plan
  19. I myself am pretty good at planning. Maybe I could plan your life out for you.

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