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Discussion in 'General' started by Goosie, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. Heres a shirt I designed since i'm bored and cant smoke due to trying to get a job. Not sure if this part violates the rules (I dont think it does... but if it does please let me know or a mod edit/delete the post) but if you like it then please vote for it on karmaloop for me via the link under the picture. :)
  2. I dont like it, Personally.
  3. The designs not for me, but I'd say you've got talent.
  4. Me neither. But it doesnt look bad.
  5. live trace and illustrator are cool, but there is really nothing artistic about your design, maybe some design classes?
  6. you guys are in a bustin mood or something. i like it, except for the words.
  7. Thanks everyone. I know not everyone is going to like it. Also, I know its just basic illustrator techniques... i just got the program 3 days ago and i'm still trying to learn how to use this thing.
    I'm getting a new sketchbook today so i guess i'll be able to do some more creative designs and get better at using this program. I swear, that pen tool is from the devil... :)
  8. the text, i feel, kind of ruins it. it makes it look kind of like this shirt (check out the comments)

    otherwise, the design isn't particularly eye catching, not that it's bad.
  9. Yea, i know... it actualy isnt the one i meant to submit, but i didnt reolize it until i already hit the button. should have been paying attention. i meant to do this one: only difference is the way i did the letters...
  10. i think its to complex, i like simple clothes, myself
  11. personally i like it, does it come in 3XL Tall?
  12. Its just a design for now... I'm trying to get the money together to have it printed (along with some other designs i have) now, but when I can get them printed i'll let everyone know :)
  13. Design cool good message

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