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  1. I have a question. Monday I plan on ordering a new acrylic bong off the city. Link here
    I am just wondering if the city will ship the bong to the US. I live in Iowa and I remembering hearing something about a paraphernalia law? I guess I am just wondering if they will send it to me.
  2. I've never had any trouble getting
    anything I've ordered from the City.
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  4. I ordered some glass peices about two weeks ago, and they got here safely...

    Also placed an order a year or two ago, and that got here safely too...
  5. I got a package the other day. It was waiting on my table outside for me.

    We do have a paraphernalia law in the US which is why you won't find any legitimate online headshops based out of the US anymore.

    However, everyone usually always gets their packages that come from the City's Shop!!! Very few haven't!

    No worries! :)
  6. Thanks guys for your feedback. I feel better now. Monday I shall order my new bong! =D

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