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  1. i have just joined and am interested in many of your products here in the shop. i am worried about shipping however. i would like to know about how it would be billed on a credit card, and how it would be shipped if i were to say buy a bong. i am mostly just worrried about going through the mail, realative legal safety all that. thank you, and i look forward to trying out your stuff.
  2. Welcome to the city.

    I am moving this to the feed back forum..

    You can use the search button at the top to find this info..
  3. The glass is shipped from the US?
    :confused: Now I'm lost.
    What is the average turnaround for a CC order?

  4. That depends on what you order, and if it is in stock or they have to make it!!!!!
  5. 1 colored and fumed bubbler :p

    I've just been patient seeing as how I can't use it until I have something to put in it. :(
    I was told all colorchangers are custom made, and seeing as how I got the other part to the order already...
    If it's unavailable I'd take a substitution. Regardless, just wondering how busy the City is? :confused:

  6. The city does make the glass.. They buy from another company and it gets shipped straight from the glass company..

    Sometimes it takes 3-4 weeks..

    Just be patient and keep us informed!
  7. Thanks for your help :). Does it usually take that long total turnaround, or just to ship? I think I ordered on the 12th.

  8. ive been waiting like 3 weeks for a spoon and it still aint here.
  9. It takes that long from the time the money clears..

    When the money has been cleared then SJ puts in the orders for stuff he doesn't have.. Usually it takes 3-4 weeks from then..

    Some times it's faster and sometimed it takes a little longer... Depends on what you order and how you paid..
  10. i paid with credit card and its been 3 weeks sense i got an email that said ur glass has been shipped.

  11. I'll pm SJ and he'll PM or e-mail you...
  12. Well...I don't mean to get off on a rant here...but I ordered on the 12th and haven't received a ship confirmation for that part of the order. I got the other part pretty quickly once it shipped, however, I was not aware that it would take 4 weeks to make my bubbler (over 90% of the shops I've been in; you walk in, stock is sitting out..ect.):( . I mean; I order CD's from norway and get them in 5 days.. seriously, if it's that in-demand, I would take a substitution..

    I dunno...I'm just getting tired of checking my email 4 times a day for a ship notification that isn't there.

    :( + :smoking: = :D

  13. You are saying that you haven't even been sent a shipping e-mail??

    Sj will have to get with you on this.. I have sent him a PM and he should get back to you soon!
  14. Thanks, Bud Head.

    I'm not trying to be impatient, just it's the first time I've ordered glass online, so I'm not completely familiar with everything :).

    Edit- I got a confirmation for the 1st part, saying it was shipped, it arrived shortly afterwards. Just haven't received it for the other part (the bubbler).

  15. a CD from Norway is not a custom made peice by a glass artist ;-) , off course I understadn your impatience, but ALL glass is handled by the moment it get's ordered, than it goes to the glass blower, thise guy work very hard to get all itmes filled, but the pieces you see cannot be made by somebody else, so it depends how busy the glass blower is! That;s why it takes that so long, don't check your mailbox four times a day, your order will get fullfilled very soon, you won't be disspaointed

  16. Yeah, after I posted that I started trying to compare a CD to a glass piece and found that I couldn't :p. Anyhow, thanks for your help, SJ :). Your sig says some valuable words; a lot of people miss that.

    Edit- will you be stocking CCG bowls anytime soon? I was wondering if one would fit in the bubbler? :D


  17. These glass pieces are great.. I love mine!!!!

    I know it's hard to be patient, but the wait is WELL worht it!!!!

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