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Shipping to New York

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Nomad23, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. Sup GrassCity, new guy here :wave:
    My name is Bob, and I just started smoking. I went out with some pals and I really liked it. I used a dutch and also used a spoon/glass pipe (?). I bought some product from a friend of mine/dealer (we were friends before he started dealing, I'm not that stupid to assume a dealer is a friend lol) and I'm really tired of using improvised bowls and such. I want to buy an "American pipe" from the GrassCity store, but I'm not sure if the NYPD will show up at my door instead of Mr.Postman. I looked at NORML's laws for NY, but it's sort of foggy, stating that possession of "dirty" paraphernalia would put me inside for a year. But since it would be shipped and "clean" it is acceptable, right? Besides, how would they know, according to the FAQ, no referance to GC is made on the packaging. Anyone from New York got any experiance with this?


    P.S. Is it Grasscity or GrassCity? :confused:
  2. I think it's

    Clean pipes are okay. People won't know you're getting a pipe from looking at the package.
  3. Ok cool thanks man.
    Got another question if you don't mind.
    When I make aluminum foil pipes, I do it like in this tutorial (, except with a pen not a sharpie, because I like the smaller pipe. Is this effective, or could I get way higher with a american pipe?
  4. Never smoke out of tinfoil man. Thats soo bad for you. I would order online or check for any shops in the area.
  5. This works, but most people recommend and prefer glass pieces or even making more resilient homemade bongs or pipes that can be easily reused. Find a style of smoking that you prefer, whether it is with a simple spoon or an intricate wet piece. Having an actual pipe is a very nice thing to have compared to (typical) homemade pieces.
  6. there's a big debate over smoking out of aluminum.

    Aluminum foil doesnt get hot enough from regular use to release noxious fumes, so its ok( but a bad tasting) bowl alternitive.

    and yeah, its completely legal to recive a glass pipe that completely clean.
  7. Aluminum foil is okay to use but doesn't taste very good. People believe that Alzheimer's can be caused by aluminum because Alzheimer's patients have been found to have a higher aluminum content inside them. This, however, provides no grounds to believe that smoking using aluminum is harmful. It's just unpleasant to taste.
  8. I would aim for glass if you can. Glass is also a lot easier to clean. An acrylic piece will still smell of smoke/resin after being cleaned and rinsed with thorough cleaning measures. However, if you're impartial to whether or not it's glass, it looks like it'll do the job.
  9. I thought you wanted glass, that's acrylic with a metal bowl and a water chamber

    Far from a spoon my friend, I prefer glass over metal
  10. HEY! Read the rules inside the sticky at the top of the Apprentice Tokers page.

  11. #13 Nomad23, Feb 20, 2009
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    Oh I thought Acriyllic was glass.
    Here's one:

    I don't see a screen though, is there just like a small hole? What about a shabong (or sha-water pipe lol), it seems to have a little ditch under the bowl, maybe to catch ashes from going into your mouth?

    Also, I don't have a credit card (only 19), so can I use one of those gift card credit cards? Like those Visa's you can get in CVS?
  12. #14 -420-Ganja-, Feb 20, 2009
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    I've seen plenty of people post links to other sites, I just assumed it was ok.
    also I am not advertising just simply watching out for this guys wallet.

    You can send money in an envelop for some of those sites I believe, Not sure about the gift card visa.

  13. Nah man I good with cash got like $50 layin around so I'm good. Whatever about the Visa gift I can probably ask a friend and pay him
  14. #16 chi, Feb 20, 2009
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    Typically, there's just a small hole. Sometimes, the hole is inconveniently sized and is too big. You can use a brass or glass screen if you want. I don't think that there is anything in a shabong/steamroller that catches ash unless there's somehow a dry ashcatcher.

    Also, the gift card things should work as long as the card is listed here:

    I know you didn't mean any harm. Links to other sites are okay as long as they are not links to competitor websites to GC. You can PM him to prevent yourself from getting into trouble.
  15. Ok cool I guess those screen I can cut out with like scissors or something and make em fit?

    Thanks fot the help guys my battery is low so I'm off thanks again
  16. #18 Natedogg7734, Feb 20, 2009
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    Looks like you'll have fun with that pipe, I reccomend spoons though

    You want need a screen for the pipe there is a hole in the bottom of the bowl...
  17. You can get brass or other mesh screens made for pipes from your local headshop or wherever you are ordering your pipe from. You can also get the screens made for sink faucets at a hardware store. These, however, tend to be stiffer and do not work as well for a bowl compared to the screens made for pipes. Glass screens are little bead looking things that you just place into your bowl.

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