Shipping time for GrassCity?

Discussion in 'General' started by Telebubbies, Jul 24, 2017.

  1. Hey guys. I ordered a bong yesterday from this websites headshop and I was wondering what your guys personal experience was with the shipping? Only 6 hours after buying the bong I started thinking how long it would take.. I have heard some people saying that it has taken up to 8 weeks. But these bad reviews were from a couple years ago.
    So have you ordered anything from Grasscity recently? Where you from and how long did it take to arrive? Does the items go to your post office where you must then collect it there or do they come to your house and deliver it? Because my countries postal service (South African Post) can take up to 3 months to deliver a package to my local post office.. And often times the people who work for the post office steals a lot of packages, or packages get "lost" easily. It's a really crappy postal service we got here..
    Anyway, so do they use DHL, FedEx, Dawn Wing, or do they use postal service (ew)?
  2. I ordered a ceramic bong from them around Christmas time, came in about 5days- a week
  3. what country did they ship it to?
  4. America
  5. I Emailed grasscity and they said worldwide it can take 10 days. But for their previous clients it takes over a month for South Africa.. ):
  6. My last purchase was about 3 weeks ago, i received it in under a week. Shipped to NY. I actually got my package before they even emailed me the shipping confirmation. The box was pretty beat up but had tons of packing material so the bong had not one scratch on it.

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