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Shipping suprises?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by allusernamestaken!, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. Thought it was hilarious, I recently got an order in from an online headshop, in it along with the pieces I ordered (various glass mostly) were a couple small bags of chips used for packing material with an added munchie bonus, I laughed.
    Anyone else get nice little suprises in their shipments?

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  2. I don't believe you, where did you order from? It would be more expensive and less effective but neat
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    I am curious, why do you think I would make that up? Seems like a strange response. A couple small bags (38G?) of costco chips to add to a shipment and use as packing material on a $200 order is not going to break the bank..... Do you know how much the usual bubble packing and such costs to keep glass safe in shipment? Its not cheap either speaking from experience. I did not name any names simply because this site also sells equipment and thought it would be in bad taste.
    Sometimes people are not all about making as much profit as they can, and have some fun with their business as well. I personally got a kick out of it. You can PM me for the headshop name if you like, and go ahead and contact them to verify if you want to go through the effort, in fact I hope you do and own up to your accusations. I take offense when someone calls me a liar for no reason whatsoever.
  4. Onetime I ordered bicycle parts and they packed the box with Asian candy
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  5. Cool shit man, my local headshop gives out big cans of arizona iced tea and the hydro shop is always giving out free samples.
    I had some problems with a ballast, HTG overnighted me a new one before I could even get the old one wrapped up. Then the second one went within a few weeks and they upgraded the ballast to a digital, sent me a bigger hood, and extra HPS and MH agromax bulbs. I was so happy when I opened that box and found all that extra shit.
    I guess they know that grows are time-sensitive and they really went out of their way to make it right with me, even though I wasn't put out by it. 5-star customer service right there, HTG Supply gets my nod.
  6. From the sound of the op i thought it was JUST bags of chips for packing. I couldnt imagine a company shipping glass that way.
  7. My dad sells stained glass/water prisms and every time he ships one out he fills the box with bags of skittles that he bought wholesale
  8. this happened to me before at a LHS after I bought my first bong. The owner looked at me looked down at the snacks they sell and tossed me a box of the jolly rancher chews. I was high at the time I bought my glass and just thought it was the greatest thing.
  9. Its the small things like this that make me a loyal customer, glad to see I am not the only one to have it happen to. Only thing is they were more like chip crumbs by the time they got to me, but still hilarious overall, only a joke a stoner would get.

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