Shipping- Safe?

Discussion in 'General' started by Smokeymacpot, Dec 3, 2002.

  1. Hello everyone. What sort of box does merchandise arrive in. What is on the box, (return addresses, site name)
    please get back to me asap.
  2. usually sites send "questionable" merchandise in brown unmarked boxes but to just be safe i'd check. most sites will tell you on there page... if not email one of the managers or anyone working on the site they can usually tell you....
  3. They come marked with bold highlighted writing stating "For Marijuana users only!" "Do not open unless your a toker!"

  4. I would never get my shit if boxes were labeled like that. Almost all the postmen and postladies in my town are stoners. They'd end up "losing" my box!!!

  5. LMAO!
  6. We understadn the privacy concerns of our custumors, all shipments are made in brown plain boxes with no outside refernce to the content of the package. The return adress is P.O Box adress. It does not mention anywhere that it is from or


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