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Discussion in 'General' started by Diamonds, Oct 31, 2001.

  1. How much will the shippingcost be if order some pipes to Sweden??

    Great site/forum/shop :D

    Take care you all!!

  2. It's $11,50 with International Priority Shiping and $69,95 with UPS Express Shipping.

  3. ??????It's $11,50 with International Priority Shiping and $69,95 with UPS Express Shipping.?????????
    do i need glasses? or is that expensive or wrong???????

    om confused
  4. No it's not wrong .

    and it's not expensive, we are shipping from amsterdam, UPS is ridicilous expensive to ship overseas, if we by something from amazon here in europe and want it quick. We mostly pay more for shipping than for theitems itself. Or you can choose for shipping by boat (18 weeks delivery time, no kidding). So we deliver for $11.50 within 14 business days, and believe me that's cheap. We always lose money on shipping costs to the USA. Considering that most of our prices are 40 to 50 % lower than any other headshop around you don't have a bad deal at all.



    There is box with important info in the left right corner of the shop , with all this kind of FAQ questions, loud and clear.

    Hope this helps

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