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    i read that orders should arrive within 10 days. i ordered a wooden pipe from Atlanta GA in the States on April 29, hoping it would get here by my birthday on May 12 which was 10 business days away. as of this morning May 4 it was in pre-shipping so i am wondering if the 10 days included everything or just the shipping part.
  2. [quote name='"annaqueen15"']I sold a item on ebay and put the shipping at 9.99 thinking it would be around 10 dollars or so to ship. It ended up fitting in a 12 x 12 x 8 ebay Priority mail box. It will be going from 98058 to zip code 68901 I really need to invest in a! But any help would be appreciated! I am sending out a small toddler bedding set brand new, and hoping to just print my label at home and then take it to post office. I would say its 5lbs or less![/quote]


    Op is refering to an order from our shop.

    I answered it for him in his thread in General forum.

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