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shipping order and reviews

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by rustynails, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. A few of my buddys told me not to buy stuff from grasscity because shipping time and shipping cost.I wanted to hear some real reviews on grasscity about shipping, wait time and how well it was shipped. I wanna get my wife something and 30% sounds about the right time to buy lol.
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    I strongly support the opinion of your buddys, I've posted my problem with shipping of GC order here a few time ago, but unfortunately after that posting the whole thread was deleted by moderators.
    Briefly: my order was sent to USA instead of Russia (according to the tracking number RE100183690NL information), now it is waiting to be claimed at the USPS post-office or something (obviously it was sent to wrong address and will be never demanded). But GC support do not (want to) see the problem and they just say they have no idea where the order is (I've paid for registered mail, btw), and they are ready to refund my money only after 8 weeks will pass without receiving the order.... that's an insanity! I can't do anything with them!
  3. Yup I waited a long time to get my orders.
  4. Just head to your Lhs
  5. placed an order last friday, havent heard from them or gotten an email from them for over a week now. starting to get concerned
  6. Only took me 14 days from order to receiving it in Florida...paid by credit card...
  7. I ordered a few pieces on 12/24 and they shipped on 1/4. Didn't pay for tracking but I will post when it arrives. I am anxious as hell!! Can't wait for the "Molino Mad Scientist v2" w/ hurricane 2pc ash catcher!! I'm fuckin' stoked!!
  8. They don't send a shipping notice by email. You have to check your account.
  9. Question after ordering from GC and it says complete how long estimated would it take to arive northern u.s
  10. I'm in Wisconsin. My order was completed on 1/4. GC says 6-10 business days. Today will be the 10th business day. Hope like hell it gets here! Mail should be here in about an hour!!
  11. It didn't show up today! Damn!! Maybe tomorrow.
  12. image-3288815621.jpg
    I got my package today! Love it!!
  13. Looks bad ass lol
  14. Ordered same v2 mad scientist. only was abt 12 days. placed order to molino same day, 18th of last month. still no precooler....dont buy directly from molino. they wont return emails asking for a refund =[
  15. Has anyone purchased anything recently? How was the shipping time? I wanna order the incredibowl m420 and I know it won't ship til after Christmas but I don't wanna end up waiting a month for it or getting ripped off bc I've read mixed reviews :/

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