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Shipping grinder from U.S.A to Canada

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by 8thmoon, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. (Wasn't sure if where to post this also if this was already answered please send me the link)

    I am thinking of buying a Mendo Mulcher online from the legit site(Mendo Mulchers) but I live in alberta, canada and with shipping the grinder is going to be 80$ and I don't want that to be seized at the border. So if anyone can confirm that they have ordered a grinder, bong, pipe etc.. online and have had no trouble with it crossing the border. Also if possible can you say how many times you have ordered and if every single time has gone through with no faults-due to the border portal- if fedex/ups fucks up I don't care.

    thanks in advance for your help.
  2. Can't tell if paranoid fuck..

    or elaborate advertising scheme...
  3. lol I just got out of high school and still with my parents and we are here from england I don't want my parents citizenship to get fucked up because the government saw I ordered a grinder online and asked the RCMP to check my house. Seeing as my brother already had a problem with over the counter drugs. Better to be safe than sorry am I right.
  4. I will say this bluntly, there will be no problems. It will be fine. I've ordered a bong from Amsterdam. :p
  5. You'll be fine. I've ordered a lot of gear from the USA and the only problem is if they charge you duty & taxes cause it sucks. I got an extra 35.00 charge for a Vaporizer I bought from the states.

    Welcome to Canada.
  6. A vaporizer I can understand the duty tax on because its an electrical device, also depends on if you got UPS they are assholes with duty tax. Anyway thanks for the replies, pretty stoked to get a mendo mulcher since I haven't seen them anywhere in Alberta I can only assume BC has some but that's a bit of a drive lol. Thanks again.
  7. Citizenship of your parents vs a $80 grinder....

    Chances are there will be no problems, but what if there is?

  8. I was more worried about it being taken at customs since as soon as I posted this my buddy got back to me about letting me ship it to his house instead which is great.

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