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Shipping (East Coast)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dubehtekoms, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. Was wondering how long it will take to ship a bowl and some papers to the east coast, and what kind of package it would arrive in?

    -Also- I was told that everything is anonymous from this site? Doesn't really matter, just something i was curious about
  2. 3-5 business days? It depends what way you want it shipped I would guess.
  3. got a package from Vegas in about 3 days, usps priority it think it was
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    Before I placed my order with grasscity, all of the shop reviews boasted how fast shipping delivery was. (5days - 2wks tops). It wasn't until I dug deeper into the GC forums did I realize how much of a headache I would have concerning shipping/customs and GC customer service. There are countless threads/posts that complain of the poor shipping service, but none are listed under the GC shop, and many are deleted/closed. (eg. the "GC shipping/tracking journal" thread that got closed a couple weeks ago, due to negative/biased criticism on GC.)

    For future GC customers: I ordered the WeedStar Double Bubbler 3.0 on 9/21/12. They said they shipped it on 9/25/12. I live in Central Pennsylvania. It is now 11/2/12. You do the math, I don't feel like counting that high. Hopefully I get my piece before Thanksgiving, if not Christmas.
  5. I've bought twice from GC. Took about a week each, no hiccups. Packages were discreet.
  6. you all should never buy from this site, sorry to say. it's too risky and unsatisfactory, that's just a fact. i browse the website here, take a picture of what i want with my phone, and then show the pictures to local head shops.

    when i show the pictures, every single time, the store owner says "I can get you something like that, give me a week."

    nice and easy.

    edit: by risky, i mean the fact that customs can confiscate your package, or the simple fact that GC could just never send out the product and simply say "customs" has it. just not worth the trouble
  7. X2 on local head shops, the forum is awesome, the shop not so much
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    check out my god they got some crazy deals if you hook up with the right seller. check feedbacks, but i bought this oil rig pictured on the link for 50 dollars! i bought it on a thursday and got it saturday morning.

    here's the link, the guy raised price a little but there are plenty of other awesome products/sellers, just be careful.

    Glass Oil Dome Rig - 14mm GonG - *FREE SHIPPING* for sale

    please don't think i'm advertising or am this guy or whatever, because i'm not, just wanted to show how a piece that could easily sell for 150 is online for a fraction of that.

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