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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by steelrootless, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. So I want to ship my vape to my college dorm.
    It is an NO2 vaporizer.
    I threw away all the tubing and have brand new one.
    I took apart the plastic parts that can't be replaced and have bleached them and cleaned them with rubbing alcohol and alcohol swabs. I did the same with my grinders.
    I placed the grinders and smaller parts in a small tupperware with alcohol swabs and and bleach soaked paper towels.
    I also filled the chamber of the vape with alcohol swabs.
    I've wrapped everything in plastic wrap multiple times, and whatever fits in ziplock bags placed in them too.
    I'm probably going to wrap it all together in even more wrap and bubble wrap and them I'm going to ship it with some clothes to my dorm.

    Do you think that it's enough, I don't smell or see any resin, just bleach?
    Also should I use USPS, UPS or FedEx and should I overnight it?

    Thanks for your help!
  2. You will be fine
  3. It seems like you've taken all the necessary precautions. If your school is one that is likely to open packages, then you might wanna put it in another box within that box, like a blender box or something. You should be fine. And I would FedEx it cause they're generally pretty fast and they don't care too much about what's in the box. Best wishes!
  4. Sounds like you did everything you could, should be good to go now
  5. if your doing this because you don't want to take it on an airplane with you, you could probably take it with you on the plane with no hassle, if they do even find it or happen to glance upon it theyre not even going to question you about it in the first place since theyll just assume its an appliance, if they do get suspicious, which i really really doubt, they're not going to know what it is and they cant say or will now it has anything to do with marijuana, the products are manufactured for use with tobbaco anyway ( ;) ), so there is 0 way that you could really get in trouble with it

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