Shipping a bong to Florida?

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  1. hey guys. i''ve been looking to get a nice glass bong for a while now. the head shops down here are pretty damn expensive compared to gc and other shops online, but i know that Florida passed that "bong bill" last year that prohibits the sale of bongs in the state by headshops that get less than 75% of their profits from the sale of tobacco products. i don't know if this law includes the shipment of bongs from websites like this one or not. if anyone knows anything about it and can help me out that would be great.

    has anyone ever bought a bong from this site and had it shipped to Florida? is it illegal to? what are the penalties if it's caught at customs?

    P.S. Sorry for the long post :smoke:

  2. I've had 3 pieces shipped to me, To tallahassee, FL, without any problems. :) LW 15 arm bubbler from alt at the end of last year and 2 custom DWB pieces from Etsy that just got here yesterday. Shouldn't have any problems.
  3. Having one shipped now to PSL. Glad to know I'm safe. I was getting worried there.:hello:

    Any estimate on expected delivery of say, a two footer, a box of papers, and a grinder? :confused:
  4. look at the link in my sig. i posted both my experiences there. took me about 2 weeks for both orders. the first was similar to the one youre planning on doing. Molino 7mm 50cm bong, WS double bubbler 2.0, grinder, and shotgun pipe and it got to me in about 2 weeks. good luck :smoke:
  5. PSL eh? Cool, lived in Stuart for 16 years. Peace :cool:
  6. You guys are great! Thanks for the help and sound mind! Can't wait to rip her.:smoke:
  7. Props on that thread by the way. Extremely useful and convenient!:D
  8. thx man. glad it helped :)
  9. So I know this is an old post but have you ordered anything lately and had any problems? I'm about to drop 200$ on a bong and I'm a little skeptical with bad reviews. Does customs just scan it sign it and on it goes?
  10. I had one shipped from FL to WI last month. No worries dude!

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