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Discussion in 'General' started by DaWodin, Jun 23, 2002.

  1. Time has come for me to move...ill be property of the united states tommorrow so i felt i should say good bye to my family friends and loved ones today. i'll try to stay in touch somehow but until my return.....

  2. good luck good luck good luck! you come back as often as you can, ok? take care of yourself and you always have "family" here!
  3. Man, I didn't know you were leaving, any chanve you know when you will be back, is it too long too keep you rmoderator place?Or do we need a new mod for the general forums, I'm more than happy to keep your seat warm! I hope you will be back soon friend!

  4. Don't let the military keep you to long my friend! We'll be here when you return. Stay safe and give us some stories when you return.

  5. keep your ass down,and covered...we will be here when you get home.........


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  6. Good luck man, give uncle sam a kick in the nuts for me! ;)

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